Review: Beauty and the Beast at The Old Joint Stock Theatre, Birmingham

by Dave Massey

Beauty and the Beast: A Musical Parody at The Old Joint Stock Theatre

A Fat Rascal Theatre production.

A twisted tale just as old as time has landed at The Old Joint Stock Theatre until Sunday 2nd December and it’s modern take on the Beauty and the Beast story switches over the genders of the characters.

Beauty and the Beast from Fat Rascal Theatre
Beauty and the Beast from Fat Rascal Theatre

In this version a Princess (Robyn Grant) is cursed by a foxy enchanter (Aaron Dart) and has been transformed by the curse into a hairy Beast with horns. Some years later a woman called Maureen (Allie Munro) is imprisoned for trespassing in the Princesses/Beast’s castle. Maureen’s literature loving son Beau (Jamie Mawson) has been fending off the advances of Chevonne (Katie Wells). Chevonne’s woman-servant La Fou Fou (also played by Allie Munro) is harbouring secret feelings towards Chevonne. Then Beau comes to the castle to find his mother and ends up switching places with her to secure her freedom.

This is a crazy, foul mouthed take on the classic tale with lots of social comments to make about how people treat each other. Allie Munro steals lots of the scenes she’s in as sometimes she’s playing two characters at either ends of the stage! All of the actors have chance to shine and its great to see this big fringe style show in Birmingham.

Beauty and the Beast
Beauty and the Beast

There’s some fantastic use of shadow theatre at the start of the performance and I’d have loved to see a little more of that during some sequences as we saw actors looking off into the distance. There’s some great use of props and masks to help add depth to the story.

Beauty and be Beast: A Musical Parody is at The Old Joint Stock Theatre until 2nd December. Book tickets here:

This isn’t a sponsored post. BrumHour was invited to see Beauty and the Beast by The Old Joint Stock Theatre.