Review: Rock of Ages at The Alexandra, Birmingham

By Julie Wallis

Rock of Ages at The Alexandra, Birmingham

Rock of Ages is raising the roof at The Alexandra theatre all this week. It’s the story of Sherrie, a young girl who gets off the bus in Los Angeles with a suitcase full of hopes, dreams and with the ambition of becoming a big star. Unfortunately for Sherrie (Danielle Hope) that suitcase is stolen from her in a street robbery, but Drew (Luke Walsh) comes to her rescue and ultimately gets her a job as a waitress in the bar he works at, The Bourbon Room.

The Bourbon Room is playing host to rock star Stacee Jaxx (Sam Ferriday) as he performs his last concert with his group. Whilst the Bourbon Room is under threat of demolition, Drew has fallen in love with Sherrie, but he could risk losing her to love rival Stacee.

Lucas Rush in Rock of Ages
Lucas Rush in Rock of Ages

Rock of Ages is narrated throughout by Lonny (Lucas Rush) who makes for the best narrator since The Rocky Horror Show. He has a lot of very funny lines as well, in fact this entire show is a funny show. I didn’t realise it was a comedy, so with the music, the comedy and some of the outfits Rock of Ages has a lot of similarities to The Rocky Horror Show.

Danielle Hope is wonderful in her role as Sherrie, she can really blast out the tunes and she made me care for her character. Luke Walsh as Drew is everything we need our hero to be, good looking and talented with bags of energy on stage, again a believable character with lots of charm.

Luke Walsh in Rock of Ages
Luke Walsh in Rock of Ages

Kevin Kennedy as Dennis had me howling with laughter as he is playing another fun and funny part, he was almost unrecognisable in his wig too. Sam Ferriday as Stacee Jaxx is the (sort of) villain of the piece, obnoxious, difficult to work with and with a big opinion of himself Stacee Jaxx has himself a bit of a reputation as something of a diva and Sam plays his part with relish. There’s even an appearance from Zoe Birkett as Justice Charlier. Zoe has a massive voice and is clearly loving her role as the owner of Venus a “Gentleman’s Club”.

Even though Rock of Ages is a bit of a parody it really is full of fun and truly terrific characters. It’s also full of great songs.

As the title suggests the songs throughout are predominantly rock or soft rock and naturally I found myself humming, singing and toe tapping from the start. The show opens with Feel the Noize, and quickly moves on to the likes of Waiting For a Girl Like You, The Final Countdown and Every Rose Has It’s Thorn the evening ends with Don’t Stop Believing by which time the entire audience was up on their feet. The energy and fun from this show really is contagious.

Danielle Hope in Rock of Ages

The ensemble is great, I literally could not take my eyes off of them during some of the dance routines, I know it’s acting, but everyone just looks to be having so much fun. Rock of Ages is loud, its proud and it’s in your face!

This jukebox musical was a wonderful night out, never taking itself too seriously the laughs and the music make for yet another feelgood show with tons of energy and great choreography. Rock of Ages is a great pick-me-up that captures the spirit of soft rock perfectly.

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