Experience: #TasteTheQuarter at The Birmingham Whisky Club

By Dave Massey twitter.com/brumhour

#TasteTheQuarter at The Birmingham Whisky Club

I don’t regularly write about one-off experiences, as the main purpose of this blog is to encourage you, dear reader, to either go and have the experience yourself, or to get you to suggest to someone else that they do it.

A group of bloggers were invited down to the Birmingham Whisky Club in Jewellery Quarter to try products by independent local  businesses all of which happen to be in the Jewellery Quarter itself. Rather than attempt to heard a dozen people around, the venues brought a taste to us. How very lovely!

Burning Soul Brewery:

Our first mini presentation came from Burning Soul, which has a taproom I’ve actually yet to visit. We were treated to a sample of Meadowsweeet Sasions, just one of over 100 beers created by Burning Soul in the past two years. The beers change regularly so there’s something different to try on each taproom visit. I’ll need to arrange Friday evening visit.

Burning Soul Brewery, 1, 51 Mott Street, Birmingham B19 3HE. (Fridays 4pm-8pm and Saturdays 1pm-8pm)

Visit: burningsoulbrewing.com

The Vanguard:

Above 1000 Trades sits The Vanguard, a long corridor of a bar created by Sam who joined us to talk a little more about Mead, which is the main product at The Vanguard. We tried a cherry blossom flavour mead and it was lovely.

There’s mead based cocktails to try as well as bottles of mead to buy. I’d never tried Mead before my previous visit to the Vanguard and its great to see different drinks being explored in Birmingham.

Light Mead
Light Mead

The Vanguard at 1000 Trades, 16 Frederick Street, Birmingham B1 3HE (Wednesdays and Thursdays 4pm-11pm, Fridays, 4pm-Midnight and Saturdays, 1pm-Midnight)

Check out: vanguardbar.co.uk

The Wilderness:

Known for its unique and quirky approach to creating food and drink, The Wilderness is currently residing in Birmingham’s famous Jewellery Quarter.

Our third visitor to The Birmingham Whisky Club is James from The Wilderness to tell us about the food and drink matching and at The Wilderness. We are invited to sample a gin vermouth, I think of the Wilderness mostly for food so it is interesting to see this side of its personality. The Wilderness team have a new bar coming too:

The Wilderness: 27 Warstone Lane, Birmingham B18 6JQ (Thursday, Friday and Saturday)

Find out more at: wearethewilderness.co.uk

Arch 13 At Connolly’s:

Chris Connelly’s family have been wine merchants in Birmingham for some generations. Recently his daughter Abigail has taken up the mantle with Arch 13 in Connolly’s under the archway at Snow Hill on Livery Street.

Both a relaxed bar and a wine store Arch 13 is a flexible modern venue with informed choices about the wine scene.

Arch 13 at Connolly’s, 220 Livery Street, Birmingham B3 1EU

Visit: arch13bar.co.uk

Birmingham Whisky Club

Amy Seaton is the go to person in Birmingham for Whisky and has created a great space in the Museum of the Jewellery Quarter to pop down and try a huge variety of Whiskies from Scotland and beyond.

Even if you are not sure about what Whisky to try there’s help and advice for picking the ideal one and Amy demonstrates her community spirit by collaborating with local businesses, plus national and international brands.

At Birmingham Whisky Club
At Birmingham Whisky Club

Birmingham Whisky Club 75-80 Vyse St, Birmingham B18 6HA (Wednesday and Thursday 5pm-11pm, Friday and Saturday Noon-Midnight and Sunday Noon-6pm)

Check out: thebirminghamwhiskyclub.co.uk

This isn’t a sponsored post. #BrumHour was invited to try samples from venues around Birmingham Jewellery Quarter.