Experience: Burgers, Burgers, Burgers at Tom’s Kitchen, Birmingham

by Dave Massey twitter.com/brumhour

National Burger Day, MONSTER Burgers at Tom’s Kitchen, Birmingham

I think I was half asleep when I arrived at Tom’s Kitchen in the Mailbox Birmingham on Thursday 23rd August. It was Mr Hyde National Burger Day. I’ve no idea what Mr Hyde does the rest of the year as he seems to be pretty London based and I’m not.

Tom's Kitchen - all photos by Dave Massey
Tom’s Kitchen – all photos by Dave Massey

11:55am Thursday

Me and my plus one are early. Lunch doesn’t start until Noon, I’m still in holiday mood really. I try to ignore my shorts and sunglasses as I greet Jamie, Tom’s Kitchen’s General Manager here in Birmingham. He manages to ignore them too and we are seated straight away.

He tells us that the burgers are sharing burgers and I totally misunderstand thinking there are large versions of the burger we order available. So I say “Can we have the lamb burger and the veggie one too?” My plus one orders us beer and I ask for some tap water for the table.

Tom's Kitchen - all photos by Dave Massey
Tom’s Kitchen – all photos by Dave Massey

The decor here is subtle with warm tones! (Look at me learning.) It seems older than its two and a half years somehow, as it looks pretty classic. A couple arrive and they are seated opposite us. I don’t think they realise its National Burger Day. What have they been doing all week!

Our beers (Stella) appear and so does our water. When I was here before I accidentally paid for bottle water so I’m making myself clearer today.

Our food arrives and it is at this very moment that I realise I’m not fully awake.

Tom's Kitchen Sharing Lamb Burger - all photos by Dave Massey
Tom’s Kitchen Sharing Lamb Burger – all photos by Dave Massey

A GIANT SHARING BURGER APPEARS! It has two knives in it, not one. For us, its been cut into two parts, (Clearly to ensure great presentation) but I’m sure you might be trusted to cut it in half yourself. This is a Spiced Lamb Burger with red pepper relish, pepper puree, red onion, salad, garnish and fries. and by fries it means two lots of fries. The regular menu version is a chicken burger. ALSO Appearing for us is a Chick Pea and Halloumi Cheese Burger with charcoal bun, beetroot hummus, salad, house pickles and fries. They are both served on boards but luckily we are given plates to move them onto, before the facebook casual complainers start to stir.

We sit and stare at our giant burger sat next to the regular (large) veggie burger and three lots of fries. Deep breath.. I’ve not had breakfast thankfully, and I cut my already halved lamb burger in half again, while my plus one does the same and attempts to work his way through the layers. While I’m having a think about how messy this could get, I start to tuck into the fries. Which are pretty straight forward and tasty.

Tom's Kitchen Chick Pea and Haloumi Cheese Burger - all photos by Dave Massey
Tom’s Kitchen Chick Pea and Haloumi Cheese Burger – all photos by Dave Massey

This lamb burger is pretty great really, the lamb is decent and I guess I must have had lamb cooked in a variety of ways before (I don’t cook myself clearly!). It is pretty easy to eat. Normally, I eat chicken so this is a change for me. I cut the burger segment in half again and now I seem to be eating burger like its cake. But I don’t care, its not messy to eat at all, and I’d eat it all again.

The veggie burger aka Chick Pea and Halloumi Cheese Burger is great too. I’m not overly convinced what having a charcoal bun does to a veggie burger but it got lots of likes on instagram, so someone must think its nice. The beetroot relish is delicious and my plus one is shocked how nice the chick pea is.

Tom's Kitchen - Stella - all photos by Dave Massey
Tom’s Kitchen – Stella – all photos by Dave Massey

We make a valiant attempt to clear both of our plates but the lamb burger manages to defeat me.

I expect good service wherever I go in Birmingham and I don’t really bother going to places just to prove I’m right about their poor service. Businesses can live or die based in reviews so its important for me as a networker to champion places that deserve them and ignore those who don’t. This is a lovely venue with decent food and hard working friendly staff.

I’ve paid for lunch here previously and I do so again. Unless you are treating me? Are you?

Check out Tom’s Kitchen at the Mailbox, Birmingham here: tomskitchen.co.uk/birmingham/restaurant/#menus

This isn’t a sponsored post. #BrumHour was invited to try burgers for National Burger Day by the PR for Tom’s Kitchen, Mailbox Birmingham. We didn’t pay for food or drink and did leave a tip.