Chitty Chitty Bang Bang at New Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham

by Dave Massey

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang at New Alexandra Theatre

BMOS Musical is pretty proud to be bringing their “Amateur theatre” production of Chitty Chtty Bang Bang to New Alexandra Theatre all this week and its every right to be proud. This is a lovely production with soo much effort put into it and it is right there on the stage.

This production is from the 2002 musical based on the 1968 film written by Roald Dahl and Ken Hughes based on the 1964 Ian Flemming novel!

From curtain up at 7.30pm to the curtain call at 10.10pm its a massive collection of songs, dance and story, and there’s a lot of story to get through.

Caractacus Potts (James Gordanifar) is an inventor with two Jeremy & Jemima (RuI Greaves and Daisy Green at this performance, Aaron Hollyoak and Macy O’Neill at other performances). Jeremy and Jemima, are two children who’s mother has passed away, which is quickly glossed over in the story and means they aren’t in school. The Children and Caractacus Potts meet Truly (Carys Wilson) who is the daughter of the local confectioner Lord Scrumptious (Stewart Keiller). The Children’s grandfather (Nick Owenford) discovers one of Caractacus Potts candy sweets is actually flute “toot sweet” and they present it to Lord Scrumptious for mass production.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang BMOS Musicals
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang BMOS Musicals

In the meantime, Baron and Baroness Bomburst (Alistair Jolliffe and Michelle Worthington) who get henchmen Boris and Goran (Jake Genders and Tim Reeves) to kidnap Caractacus Potts and make a huge error in doing so. I don’t normally write about parts of the second half plot but if you don’t know, a rescue mission is mounted and our characters meet the scary Childcatcher (Mitch Miller) and The Toymaker (Michael McCulley).

This musical features loads of songs from the film including Chitty Chitty Bang BangHushabye MountainMe Ol’ Bamboo, POSHChu-Chi FaceDoll On A Music Box.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang BMOS Musicals
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang BMOS Musicals

It seems strange to say the car is one of the stars of a show but it really was, BMOS Musicals have gone to a huge effort to get this car into the production and it great to see this and all of the other stage items are more than suitable for a national tour.

I was slightly confused as to where this was set, there’s references to Beachy Head in East Sussex and some very definite Black Country/Birmingham accents during the scene at the fair. and then we go to the fictional Vulgaria.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang BMOS Musicals 3
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang BMOS Musicals

I’m sure I spotted the Von Trapp Family Singers (From Sound of Music) complete with nun when they take the car for a ride and when Chitty Chitty Bang Bang full powers are revealed there’s a superman style theme in the score.

We bumped into Suzi Budd who is the choreographer of this production, it was great to find out more about her work and seeing some of the complex dance and movements scenes at the sweet factory and the stick work at the fair and in the themed party later in the show.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang BMOS Musicals
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang BMOS Musicals

A fantastic feather in the cap for BMOS Musicals, please go and see it if you have chance this week. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is at New Alexandra Theatre until Saturday 30th June. Book tickets here:

This isn’t a sponsored post. #BrumHour was invited to see Chitty Chitty Bang Bang by New Alexandra Theatre.