New Cocktail Menu at Malmaison Birmingham

For #BrumHour guest blogger Caroline joined Julie Wallis at Malmaison to check out their new Summer Cocktail Menu

by guest blogger Caroline Chadwick

New Cocktail Menu at Malmaison Birmingham

Thursday 5pm

Thursday evening was hot in the City, and afterwork thoughts turn to refreshing drinks. As luck would have it, Malmaison, Birmingham were showcasing their new Summer Cocktail Menu that night. With so much talent and so many new bars appearing it is important now more than ever, that each venue stays fresh and inventive so as to stand out from the crowd. Malmaison does not disappoint.

Inside Malmaison Bar (photo by Julie Wallis - All other photos by Caroline Chadwick)
Inside Malmaison Bar (photo by Julie Wallis – All other photos by Caroline Chadwick)

We were greeted by the lovely Steph, who sat our group into two booths and showed us the new menu. We were all offered a drink of our choice quite quickly, but they all looked so appealing it was hard to know where to start. I asked Steph for some advice and she suggested the Rhubarb Triangle. This gin based cocktail was a long drink. The lemon and honey could have made it sweet, but actually the balance with the rhubarb and rosemary gave it herbal notes that worked well together. That said, I personally would have liked more rhubarb.

We were given vouchers for further cocktails, so in order to be able to try everything my Julie and I made different choices but shared each one. Next up for me was Fleur de Mal. Again it was a long refreshing drink. Made with the new Langley’s Old Tom Gin, creme de Cassis, elderflower cordial and lime juice, there was a good deal going on in this drink. I think it was the Old Tom that really made this cocktail standout with some quite strong flavour notes coming through. A Contender for Birmingham Cocktail Weekend? While on the summer cocktail menu, Steph said she was hoping they would be able to add it to their menu more permanently, after we all tried it we were hoping the same. I had not had a cocktail like it before.

If you prefer something more subtle then perhaps Mal Mademoiselle is more for you. Gentle notes of cranberry, apricot, rhubarb and lime. I don’t think there is anything you could dislike about this. Another balanced drink.

Lady Parma certainly looked the part. The sort of cocktail you see other people carrying away from the bar and want for yourself. A smooth combination of Absolut raspberry, pomegranate liquor, cranberry juice and lemonade. I really noticed the raspberry especially, but found it surprisingly creamy in texture too.

Aperol Spritz is something people are generally quite familiar with. The way it was presented in the large glass and the bright orange certainly made it stand out. It wasn’t that popular overall in the room, however it found it surprisingly quaffable.

I didn’t expect to like Tang Dynasty as I’m not really a fan of lychee. However, Julie and I both loved this one. Possibly it was because there was quite a large measure of Chambord in the drink, which personally I’m a big fan of.

Alongside the drinks we were brought a some Sliders and Arancini balls which were delicious, as were the mini burgers, that were very juicy. We all have a really relaxing evening. There is a cocktail for everyone here. I really appreciated that there wasn’t too much ice in the drinks as well. Everything was fresh and interesting. I look forward to heading back to Malmaison.

The new Summer Cocktail Menu is available from Tuesday 12th June:

This isn’t a sponsored post. Caroline and Julie were invited to Malmaison Birmingham to try the new cocktail menu by East Village PR and did not pay for their drinks or food.

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