Stomp at Birmingham Hippodrome

by Julie Wallis

Stomp has stormed into Birmingham for the week, at Birmingham Hippodrome having been touring the globe for over 26 years!

This dance and music act is quite unlike anything I’ve seen before, with music being performed on anything and everything from metal wheel rims to plastic buckets to boxes of matches.


With no overall storyline, Stomp is a series of music and dance routines, there is plenty of comedy, and this is a great week for it to be in Birmingham as it is half term and this show is a great family friendly option.

Stomp opens with one man on stage, sweeping with a stiff broom, the rest of the cast join him one by one, until we have 10 or 12 brooms being swished and banged very rhythmically and by the magic of live theatre they sound great.

There’s not a word spoken, the music and rhythm says all that needs saying, some audience participation, and some slapstick comedy thrown in for good measure makes for a wonderfully fun and entertaining night for the entire family.


The set is amazing, a metal wall rising some 15/20 feet with all manner of ‘instruments’ ranging from plastic buckets to stop signs, tin baths and saucepans attached, some larger oil drums at floor level and metal rubbish bins make for a very urban look when complemented by a corrugated metal wall and some ladders.

There is a lot of hard work that has been put into the choreography and the music and it shows, this is great entertainment but I was left with so many questions. How do they learn and remember such complex routines, are they musically trained or playing the tin bath and bucket in a ‘painting by numbers’ way, did they all study dance? I actually found it all to be very thought provoking.


There were a couple of stand out moments for me, I found myself laughing out loud when one of the musicians fashioned himself a grass skirt from a newspaper, he had been tearing the paper in a very musical way (and if musical paper tearing doesn’t get your inquisitive juices flowing, get yourself to a doctor and get checked for signs of life) and of course the bin stomping routine, where two of the performers strap their feet onto two steel drums each and in effect dance wearing the worlds highest platform shoes! But for me the best part was when the cast were making music whilst abseiling, and I’m not going to say any more than that!

I loved Stomp and I can’t imagine anyone seeing this and being disappointed.

Oh and just for the record, a quick glance at my program tells me that all the performers are trained in dance and music, they just made their performance seem so natural, like kids having fun and being noisey.

Stomp is at Birmingham Hippodrome until Saturday 2nd June. Book tickets here:

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