Trying the menu at Revolución de Cuba, Birmingham

by Dave Massey

Revolución de Cuba, Birmingham

Revolución de Cuba has landed in central Birmingham with a promise to bring a taste of Cuban sunshine to our lovely city. To me this means Rum!

Monday 4.30pm

I have arrived to try out the menu at Revolución de Cuba with Brummie Gourmand as my plus one. He’s been on a blog break for a couple of months and I feel a bit like I’m introducing him back into the wild. I’ve deliberately picked a time and day of the week when I know it will be less busy than usual.

Our friendly staff show us to our table, there’s a couple of menus here and we are checking out the early evening menu which is the “2 course” menu which is two courses for £10.95 or three courses for £14.95. We are given table water and a cocktail menu. I’m really here for RUM!

I order a Polynesian Punch (Rum, Curaçao, lime almond and mango) whilst Mr Gourmand orders a Cuba Libre. While there’s an image of the punch on the menu I’m still amused how flamboyant it is when it turns up to the table.


Our starters arrive and Mr Gourmand has ordered the Calamari while I’ve chosen the meatballs, this feels more southern European than Latin inspired but tastes lovely anway. Especially the meatballs.


Our second round of cocktails appear and this time I’ve ordered a Madhatter (Rum, pineapple, passion fruit and lime) with Mr Gourmand going off menu and having a “Southside” Gin Mojito.


We order from the two course menu a Cuban Cheeseburger with Steak for Mr Gourmand and I pick a Caribbean Chicken Curry. My curry is great and for the price you’d pay for it on the menu is a decent size.

Cuban Cheeseburger with Steak
Cuban Cheeseburger with Steak
Caribbean Chicken Curry

Brummie Gourmand and I enjoyed our food and drinks and I know I’ll be going back again for burritos!

Upstairs in Revolución de Cuba is a large bar, which until a few weeks ago when the venue launched, I’d never been in before with room for over 300 people.

Revolución De Cuba upstairs bar
Revolución De Cuba upstairs bar Photo by Ryan Parish

Venues like Revolución de Cuba coming to Birmingham add to the feeling of the business and leisure district of the city blurring even further, giving us spaces for meetings, conferences, dinner and presentations as well as food and drink after work. Viva La Revolución de Birmingham!

Find out more about Revolución de Cuba here:

This isn’t a sponsored post. #BrumHour was invited to try out the menu at Revolución de Cuba by East Village PR. We didn’t pay for food or drink but did leave a tip.