Nespresso Vertuo Product Review: Nespresso boutique launches in Selfridges Birmingham

by Dave Massey

Nespresso boutique launches at Selfridges Birmingham: Product review

In March, a brand new Nespresso boutique launched in the entrance to the food hall at Selfridges Birmingham. Nearly three times the size of the previous space on the rear wall of Selfridges, this is the King or Queen of coffee experiences.

I wanted to learn more about Nespresso so I popped down for a quick visit and was offered a Roma coffee, immediately I realised that all that I knew about coffee was about to be upgraded. The Roma was soft and delicate compared to how I was expecting it to be and it was a short coffee in a small cup. This is a coffee for someone running out of the door in the morning.

Nespresso Boutique at Selfridges Birmingham photo via Selfridges
Nespresso Boutique at Selfridges Birmingham photo via Selfridges

The boutique itself has lots of Nespresso’s values, from plants growing right in the food hall to recycled and repurposed coffee capsules being used as artwork. As you’d expect, the staff are friendly, warm and LOVE COFFEE!

A week later I was asked by the Nespresso PR department if I’d like to review their VertuoPlus Coffee Machine.

A big box and two medium sized boxes appeared soon at home. The box contained a black Nespresso VertuoPlus Coffee Machine. with the medium sized boxes containing a LOT of coffee “capsules”. From and to a tasting journey.

The Nespresso machine is soo easy to set up! I was shocked how easy. Open the box check everything is ready to be placed on the counter, I actually pulled out the instructions just in case it was more challenging. It wasn’t. Plug in, touch the single button on the top to run warm the machine up, the wide silver button responds to even the lightest touch ,and opens with a satisfying whir.

Once you’ve chosen which capsule you are using place it with the dome side facing down. The chamber closes again on the slightest touch and the machine reads the code printed around the rim of the capsule to work out what size it coffee it will produce. The water container is easy to use but I’m a little worried about smashing it, which is something to consider.


Having seen this demonstrated whilst chatting to the staff at the boutique in Selfridges i felt pretty confident doing this “unsupervised”.

This was a very smooth process and I didn’t have to wait very long at all for my first coffee. For coffee lovers this is the ultimate experience in home coffee making. Slick, swift and seamless. The coffee capsule even disposes of itself in its own tub at the rear of the unit!

I’ll be very happy to be serving different types of coffee to visitors as well as sampling different flavours myself especially when I move to my new office later in the year!

Find out more about Nespresso VertuoPlus Coffee Machine here: or visit their lovely boutique store at Selfridges in Birmingham.

This isn’t a sponsored post. I was invited by Nespresso to check out their brand new boutique and given a lovely Nespresso VertuoPlus Coffee Machine with coffee to try.