Lunch at Rola Wala in Selfridges, Birmingham

by Dave Massey

Lunch at Rola Wala in Selfridges, Birmingham

Twisted Indian street food has arrived in Selfridges, Birmingham in the shape of Rola Wala, and for you dear #BrumHour reader. I went to find out more about this new eatery.

Monday at Noon:

I arrive in the brand new Rola Wala which has replaced Izza Pizza in Selfridges at Bullring, Birmingham. A metal cage style counter is here with seating style aimed mostly at those dining in pairs. I knew that it would be pretty empty at this time on a Monday, Bullring doesn’t follow regular convention when it comes to footfall.

Chicken Tikka Spice Bowl with Rola's String Fries and Sourdough Naan
Chicken Tikka Spice Bowl with Rola’s String Fries and Sourdough Naan

I’d taken a swift glance at the menu the previous week before my visit and it featured mainly Naan Rolls and Spice Bowls. There’s pretty much a 50-50 split between veggie options and those for “meatys”. Chicken Tikka, Lamb or Spiced Beef are on the menu for the meat eaters and for the veggies there’s Sweet Potato Saagwala, Chickpea or Paneer (Cheese).

Fred is looking after me today on my visit, he’s up from the London branch in Spitalfields and has not been to Birmingham for any length of time before. His own background is street food and its easy to see why he’s confident in the products he’s talking about.

Mango and Tumeric Soda
Mango and Tumeric Soda

The press release I was sent a few weeks ago tells me that Rola Wala was the brainchild of London born Australian, Mark Wright who visited Mumbai and Kolkata. This is the fourth branch after Leeds, Oxford and the previously mentioned London branch. 

Much to my Brummie sense of mild shame, I pick the Rola’s Chicken Tikka as a Spice Bowl. I chose this 100% for the photos and when it turns up it looks great. You can pick how spicy you want it to be, from the light, Pear and Tamarind, Mango Lime and Ginger, Medium: Mint, Lime and Pineapple, Tomato Naga Chilli to Extra Hot: The Scorpion. I go for Tomato Naga Chilli. The bowl turns up pretty swiftly and I’m straight into wolfing it down. I’ve ordered a side of Sourdough Naan which seems strangely Irish to me and Rola’s String fries which turn up with a tasty Bombay Chutney.

For drinks I tried the refreshing Mango and Turmeric Soda.

There’s a lot to like here, the staff are friendly and relaxed as they should be, the space is open and bright, the food is filling, I could probably have just had the Spice Bowl and a single side without feeling overly full.

Happy Endings Ice Cream Sandwich
Happy Endings Ice Cream Sandwich

I’m treated to an Ice Cream Sandwich from Happy Endings who mainly supply London eateries. I had to eat it straight away obviously I didn’t want it to melt! Ice cream wrapped in a brownie with a caramel sauce! Yummy!

I’ll be back here for lunch again soon! There’s quite a few other things I’d like to try on the menu. I’ve got my eye on the Paneer next time.

Rola Wala is open at Selfridges, Birmingham from 11.30am each day.

See their website for more details here:

#BrumHour arranged to try lunch at Rola Wala, I didn’t pay for food or drink and wasn’t expected to write lovely things.

This isn’t a sponsored post.