Dinner at Yo! Sushi at Selfridges Birmingham

“Dave would you like to try Sushi at the brand new Yo! Sushi in the food hall at Selfridges Birmingham and blog about it?”

Erm, I don’t actually eat fish or seafood and hasn’t that branch been there for like ten years?

“No, no. The old space has gone and it has moved to the corner where Krispy Kreme was. AND it’s not just Sushi, fish or seafood there will be lots you can try”

Are you sure?

“Yes, Dave come on down”

Err ok.. I’ve got a friend who loves Sushi can I bring him?


by Dave Massey twitter.com/BrumHour

Dinner at Yo! Sushi at Selfridges Birmingham

Thursday 5.30pm: My Sushi loving friend Phill (With Two LL’s) seems a little confused about the concept of my blog: Sometimes I get invited to try food and then write about it here and then share about it on twitter. I’m not required to write lovely things, but why would I spent an hour or two at something I didn’t think I was going to enjoy when there’s soo many great things to be doing in Birmingham.

Yo! Sushi photos by Dave Massey
Yo! Sushi photos by Dave Massey

We arrive at Yo! Sushi and are seated immediately by the friendly staff and shown how the concept works. I’ve never been to anywhere like this before, due my preconceptions about it being JUST raw fish! A conveyor belt passes dishes past our table and we can pick things off as we please. Each dish has a different colour to indicate what it costs at the end the dishes are counted to calculate the bill. I’m sure every 20 something blogger in Birmingham knows all this, but for me its brand new.

The space has indeed been upgraded, if feels far more intimate in this side of the food hall, without people staring at you trying to eat noodles as they walk past.

Chicken Katsu Curry photos by Dave Massey
Chicken Katsu Curry photos by Dave Massey

There’s still and sparkling water taps at each table but my friend and I choose Hojicha & Ginger Tea, we’ve been suggest by the person that invited us to try the Furikake Fries and Chicken Katsu Curry. My fears about the place have vanished and I suddenly feel like I’m going to feel very well fed and happy! My friend Phill, gets me to try Avocado Maki which I dip in soy sauce. I love Avo!

Furikake Fries photos by Dave Massey
Furikake Fries photos by Dave Massey
photos by Dave Massey
Gyoza photos by Dave Massey

We are treated to some Veg Gyoza and Chicken Gyoza which I obviously scoff in three seconds flat! Then my friend passes over Pumpkin Katsu! Now I’ve never really tried pumpkin in anything and I’ve very little to compare it to, covered in tonkatsu sauce it was pretty great and I know I’ll be back to try again. Sometimes I wish I knew more about textures and flavour descriptions like a proper food blogger does rather than saying: its yummy and its tasty.

Pumpkin Katsu photos by Dave Massey
Pumpkin Katsu photo by Dave Massey
Beef Teriyaki photos by Dave Massey
Beef Teriyaki photo by Dave Massey

Next I try Beef Teriyaki which is strips of beef. I don’t normally eat beef either as I prefer to stick to chicken or ham. But here we are. I’d have it again!

Dynamite at Yo! Sushi photos by Dave Massey
Dynamite at Yo! Sushi photo by Dave Massey

And Phill tries the Dynamite Roll: Salmon, avocado, rayu chilli oil with sriracha, mayo and spring onion. We chat a lot and consider dessert.

Custard Dorayaki photos by Dave Massey
Custard Dorayaki photo by Dave Massey

Custard Dorayaki is a lovely custard filled pancake and a light raspberry sauce to drizzle on it and I shared a Chocolate Mochi which is sweet rice balls with
a rich chocolate ganache centre. (It says on the menu!)

Chocolate Mochi photos by Dave Massey
Chocolate Mochi photo by Dave Massey

One thing worth noting: Yo! Sushi don’t do reservations so you will need to pick your arrival time carefully. This after all is a busy branch in a busy central Birmingham department store of a busy shopping centre. Did I say busy enough?

Find out more about Yo! Sushi here: yosushi.com

This isn’t a sponsored post. #BrumHour’s Dave Massey was invited with a plus one to try the Yo! Sushi menu at the new branch at Selfridges, Birmingham. We did not pay for food or drink and we did leave a service tip.