Five reasons the New Year’s Eve Re-run is better than real New Year’s Eve

by Dave Massey

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, HAPPY NEW YEAR.. AGAIN!

The traditional New Year’s Eve Re-run is back for 2018 at the Nightingale Club in Birmingham on Saturday 27th January. For many years (More than many people can care to admit to) it is the proper start of 2018 in the Birmingham’s events calendar.

While I’ve been out to many new year’s eve events over the years. Here’s five reasons why NYE Re-run at Nightingale club (The Gale/Gales) is even better than a regular New Year’s Eve ANYWHERE! There, I said it. Anywhere!

The Nightingale Club via Nightingale Club
The Nightingale Club via Nightingale Club

Five Reasons the NYE Re-run is the best!

1, Money! You’ve all hopefully been paid! With your first money of 2018 and depending how much you treated others and avoided debts over December and Christmas and the real New Year’s Eve: The NYE Re-run is your first chance to show YOU and everyone else are treating yourself.

Especially if you are trying to bag a new boyfriend or girlfriend for Valentine’s to replace the one you ditched or ditched you on Boxing Day (Minor wounds eh?). Especially if you’ve been pretending to do Dry January. (Hic) And you might bump into your recent ex boyfriend or girlfriend with his or her or their new boyfriend or girlfriend or both!

Video via Nightingale Club

2, Pressure! Without the pressure of everyone else bothering celebrate New Year’s Eve. The NYE Re-run at The Gale is becomes much more of a fun party space than worrying about whatsapping, instagramming or snapchat sharing on the real New Year’s Eve before your mom messages demanding to know why you’ve not text her back.

3, The Turn (aka the special guest). From Sophie Ellis Bextor claiming its Murder on the Dancefloor to Ms. Dynamite’s Dy-Na-Mi-Tee or Stacey Soloman covering Iceland’s Christmas Advert Music. There’s always a bigger special guest to help you count down to midnight. (They really do.) Of course from the five or six or maybe seven Re-runs I’ve been to over the years at The Gale I can’t quite recall more than two of them. This year sees Girl’s Aloud’s Nadine Coyle join in the fun.

Nadine via Nightingale Club
Nadine via Nightingale Club

4, Chinese New Year. It’s no coincidence that the Re-run takes place so close to Chinese New Year as Birmingham’s Chinatown is very close to the Birmingham Gay Quarter. And Birmingham people love nothing more than to make festivals and events last for as many days as possible. Based on a lunar calendar 2018 is the year of the Dog and the new year begins on Friday 16th February following a new moon.

Year of the Dog
Year of the Dog

5, Taxis. There’s a lot less Uber Surcharging or time and a half to deal with, so you can feel safe in the knowledge that your cab home will not burn your pockets.

Don’t fall over and don’t get arrested! OH and have fun!

The Nightingale Club hosts its New Year’s Eve Re-run on Saturday 27th January. Search online for tickets.

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