Flashdance the Musical is at The New Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham

by Julie Wallis twitter.com/nicenic63

Flashdance at the New Alexandra Theatre

Flashdance the Musical is at The New Alexandra Theatre until Saturday 9th December and #Brumhour sent me along last night.

Flashdance, based on the film of the same name, is all about Alex who works in a steel mill by day but wants to be a dancer. Her boss Nick encourages her to apply to a ballet school. That’s the story in a nutshell. However. Flashdance really isn’t about the story, it’s all about the dancing, and dancing needs music. Flashdance the Musical is packed full of terrific tunes you will remember from the 80s. Such as What a Feeling, Maniac, and Gloria.


Flashdance is full of energy, with hit after hit. You just can’t help but sing along and tap your toes. It’s definitely one of those shows that lifts your spirits, with a feel good quality.

Joanne Clifton known for Strictly Come Dancing plays Alex. The dance sequences are everything you could hope for and certainly don’t disappoint. I loved the iconic dance audition which gave Flashdance its nickname of Flashy-knickers, in my house at least.


Joanne does do the audition in her little two piece dance outfit and it’s just as fantastic to see it performed in real life, as it was to see for the very first time in the 80s in music video for the hit song What A Feeling. Joanne is without doubt a very talented dancer, but luckily for us she is as good an actress and singer and her character Alex is brought to life.

Sometimes, big hit movies seem to lose something in the transition from screen to stage, I did expect Flashdance to struggle with some scenes but it doesn’t. The steel mill appears from above and before you know it there are sparks flying. I felt I was there alongside all the workforce with Joanne Clifton playing Alex and Ben Adams as her boss Nick the mill really does come alive too. Ben was lead singer in pop group A1, and is very natural on stage. He does have a lot of songs to sing throughout which he does with a natural ease. He too seems very much at home on stage as an actor too. Together as Alex and Nick they were a perfect pairing.

Flashdance The Musical does have a large cast which means some big dance scenes which are wonderful set in the factory, set in the nightclub and set in the dance school. If you’re wondering about the waterfall moment… I will say bring a brolly if you’re sitting near the stage!

If you love the film Flashdance you will love the stage play. If you have not seen the film, you’ll love the show as it is just so upbeat, thanks to the band who do perform all the hits just as I remembered them, and they sounded so much bigger than a five piece band too.


Much like the movie when all these parts come together on stage they make for a show that is so much greater than just the sum of its parts.

Flashdance the Musical is at New Alexandra Theatre until Saturday 9th December. Tickets here: atgtickets.com/shows/flashdance/new-alexandra-theatre-birmingham/

Julie saw Flashdance the Musical on behalf of BrumHour at the invite of New Alexandra Theatre. She can’t stop dancing and this isn’t a sponsored post.