Trying Cider with ODC Drinks at The Stable, Birmingham

by Dave Massey

ODC Drinks at The Stable, Birmingham

I’m sure from my previous blog posts you will realise that I’m a fussy eater, I don’t do fish or seafood and I really avoid Sunday dinners. And I love deep pan pizza. The Stable does what I call skinny pizza bases, but they use locally sourced ingredients which is a big plus for me sharing with this blog. OH AND THEY DO PIES!

We were invited to The Stable in central Birmingham to sample ODC Drink’s cider which comes in two flavours, and I wanted to show my support. for this new Cider which is based here in Birmingham.

There are pizzas on the menu with names like The Bourneville Bantam, The James Brindley and The Smethwick Scorcher.

Blazing Saddle photo By BrumHour
Blazing Saddle photo By BrumHour

There were lots of bloggers here and it was great to feel the community of bloggers explore a space with a new brand. For the record we tried Blazing Saddle: Pulled beef, bacon, onions, and peppers and then we had a Green Machine pizza which had an egg right in the middle!

Green Machine
Green Machine

The vibe of The Stable is a space where you bring your friends for a fun friendly meal and I really like that.

So Cider… ODC Drinks have created two Ciders this year and Mango Fandango and Pomegranate Panache both of these are actually made right here in Birmingham.

ODC Drinks
ODC Drinks

I’ve been drinking Cider for a very very long time and its nice to see an actual local Cider maker bringing out different flavours to market. Especially with the cheeky monkey and the cat in shades on the branding.

I thought I’d like the Mango the most as its the flavour I like best but it was actually the Pomegranate. But I’m hardly going to refuse either, they were both nice. I’m sure, dear reader you will have your favourite.

They are designed to be drunk all year round rather than summer ciders and they don’t really need ice to be drunk with.

I finished off the pizza and cider and made my way to the bus!

Huge thanks to The Stable, Birmingham and ODC Drinks for the cider and Delicious PR for hosting. I didn’t pay for drinks or pizza. This isn’t a sponsored post.