Christmas Preview: Selfridges & John Lewis

by Dave Massey

I was lucky enough to be invited to not one, but two, department store Christmas previews in October. I’ve held off until today to post about them.

One of the great things about having a blog with a mixed readership and readers who are aged between 25 and 45 is, as a primary audience. the types of things that appeal to them.

Christmas has arrived at John Lewis, Birmingham and its worth having an explore if you are in Grand Central for an hour or so.

John Lewis, Birmingham

Twinkly Smart Decorations are App controlled LED lights for Christmas Trees or for hanging across a room. Just pick a colour from the app and watch the lights match it. Or just scroll through the pre-built patterns.

Twinkly Smart Decorations
Twinkly Smart Decorations

Unicorn Tears is a Gin Liqueur, sweet with a glitter finish its great for those who are in love with Unicorns in 2017.

Unicorn Tears
Unicorn Tears

Prestart: Popping Pink Prosecco Mini Truffles are a great gift for someone who loves delicate chocolate flavours and the popping candy is really very subtle.


Prestart Poppping Pink Prosecco Mini Truffles
Prestart Popping Pink Prosecco Mini Truffles

ScentSicles are scented sticks with different Christmas inspired aromas, they are for hanging off the tree. I was lucky enough to be given Snow Berry Wreath scented ones but they are also available in White Winter Fir and Spiced Orange.

ScentSicles Scented Ornaments

These products are all available from John Lewis in Birmingham at Grand Central.

Selfridges will turn 15 years old in Birmingham in 2018. Which is an unconnected fact really but I just wanted to say. I was invite to have a look at their Christmas items. Here’s what’s good:

Selfridges, Birmingham

Ginvent is an advent calendar for the Adults, its a really indulgent gift as it provides a small bottle of gin every day of advent.

Ginvent – A Gin Advent Calendar

Not looking for something for advent?

A Selfridges Birmingham Party Hamper might be more your style? With items such as Birmingham Gin and a Birmingham Beer Pack to make it feel extra Brummie. There’s also Honeycomb, Selfridges Prosecco & Chianti.

Selfridges Birmingham Party Hamper
Selfridges Birmingham Party Hamper

I then checked out the Selfridges selecction Moscato Panettone hat box! With a kilo of Panettone! 


Moscato Panettone hat box
Moscato Panettone hat box

I was clearly hungry when I went to Selfridges as I’ve only written notes about the food and drinks!

Check out Selfridges Birmingham for more details of these products and many more.

I was invited to Selfridges and John Lewis in October to preview the above products. This isn’t a sponsored post Huge thanks to John Lewis and Selfridges in Birmingham.  This isn’t a sponsored post.