Lunch at Tamatanga, Birmingham

by Dave Massey

Lunch at Tamatanga

Tamatanga recently opened in central Birmingham on Navigation Street and arranged to visit for an experience blog post. Tamatanga is a through the day, relaxed Indian eatery with big windows, high ceilings and a swift friendly team.

inside Tamatanga
inside Tamatanga, Birmingham (All photos by Dave Massey)

Arriving at 12.30pm myself and my plus one were seated at a window seats by the friendly staff. Being a lunch-time meant there were menus galore, as well as the menu sheet on the table. Our server swiftly guided us through what the options were.

Dips and Poppadoms
Dips and Poppadoms

Lovely dips and Poppadoms arrived on the table and we were straight into picking starters. These are listed on the menu as small plates and you could really pick two of these as a main. I went for Bang Bang Chicken and my plus one Caroline picked Gilafi Lamb Kebab, I got to try both! The bang bang chicken was crispy fried and the kebab is a seekh kebab with onions. You can really tell that its made with fresh ingredients.

There’s an extensive drinks menu and we wanted to see what the cocktails looked like. However Caroline was on her lunch break. So we went for non-alcoholic versions of

.  Very refreshing indeed!

Next we were on to mains,  I wanted to see how the Chicken Tikka Masala compares as these days its almost considered a generic dish. It was really great! I had a Chilli Cheese Naan which actually came as two naan’s! Very filling indeed, the cheese inside the naan was great! I didn’t really need the starter after having tried these!

My plus one Caroline had Punjabi Butter Chicken with a Peshwari Naan, Caroline was very pleased with her choice and considered what she would have next time. I think we will be working our way through the menu in the future.

I was full to bursting but I knew I wanted to demonstrate what the puddings looked like. So we asked for a cheesecake to take away. Caroline picked Mango and Coconut Brulee Cheesecake which she returned to work with to eat in the afternoon!

Mango and Coconut Brulee Cheesecake
Mango and Coconut Brulee Cheesecake

Tamatanga is well worth a visit and its only two minutes walk from Birmingham New Street station so you’ve no real excuse when visitors come to Birmingham and you want to pop somewhere for lunch.

Check out more about Tamatanga here:


Dave arranged the visit to Tamatanga with a plus one and didn’t pay for food or drink. We did leave a tip. This isn’t a sponsored post.