Five tips for joining #BrumHour

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU to everyone supporting #BrumHour. I created #BrumHour in December 2013 to demonstrate my twitter skills and to share about my passion for Birmingham’s business, leisure and charity events.

It’s been fantastic, so far, to see #BrumHour grow and develop its social reach to the point that it now trends in Birmingham on Twitter on Sundays even when its up against, The X Factor, Dragon’s Den, Top Gear and Robot Wars. Last weekend, #BrumHour was the top trend in Birmingham for over 15 hours! Thank you!

First and foremost, #BrumHour is a networking hour and will always have this as its core value on a Sunday night.  Priority will always be given to sharing tweets that are written to network.

That in mind, here’s five tips for networking with Birmingham during #BrumHour:

Five tips for joining #BrumHour

  1. Start your first tweet with Hello #BrumHour or Hi #BrumHour and say something about yourself. Try to connect it directly with Birmingham (Tweets that use @brumhour at the beginning are classed as replies and don’t get retweeted.)

  2. Always add a photo or a gif to your tweets to make them stand out.
  3. Please fill out your twitter biography and add a location. (Preferably your nearest city)

    #BrumHour bio
    #BrumHour Bio
  4. Follow and retweet others where you see fit. Please also retweet the @brumhour account particularly the first tweet so I can see your account is live rather than automated.
  5. Enjoy your networking and make contacts. These are real people with a real interest in businesses around the city.

As well as networking with #BrumHour on Twitter, you can join us for #BrumNightCafe four times a year. The next of these events take place in the 2nd week of January and look out for details on Eventbrite and on this blog.

I also co-host Birmingham Social Media Cafe (BrumSMC) with Clive Reeves Public Relations on the last Friday Morning of each month (excluding December). Phil Choi aka The Blog Trainer is my co-host here and we visit cafe’s around central Birmingham each month from 10am-Noon. There’s usually speakers and an hour of relaxed networking with social media influencers from around the West Midlands.

The final BrumSMC of 2017 is at The Alpha Cafe in Alpha Tower on Friday 24th November at 10am. Check out details and book your free ticket here: