Cappadocia in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter

by Julie Wallis

Eating out at Cappadocia in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter

We were invited to experience Cappadocia Turkish restaurant on Fredrick Street in the Jewellery quarter of Birmingham. What a treat this restaurant is!

Cappadocia Restaurant
Cappadocia Restaurant in Jewellery Quarter

We ummed over whether to have a starter, we didn’t realise we would be served some delicious freshly baked bread as well, our starters made our whole mealtoo big. BUT the bread was sublime. Its cooked fresh on site daily and served with a refreshing yoghurt mint dip and a firey chilli based dip. The bread was very moreish, even though I was trying to pace myself and leave room for our food which was to follow.

Starting with Bread
Starting with Bread

I was thrilled with my starter, I plumped for White Bait, a very retro starter that was huge in the 1970s and thankfully is returning to our restaurants. Served alongside a little salad these tasty little fish are always a delight and tonight proved to be no exception. I had been torn between a meat or a fish based main so finding fish as a starter was a big thumbs up from me.

White Bait
White Bait

#BrumHour Dave had the Grilled Halloumi and Spiced Beef Sausage which did look great and judging from his clean plate I don’t think Dave regretted his choice of starter.

Sucuk & Hellim
Sucuk & Hellim (Grilled Spicy Beef Sausage & Cypriot Halloumi Cheese)

We both opted to wash our meals down with a very nice Turkish wine. I hadn’t even realised that Turkish wine was a thing. I love trying new flavours and experiences and the Turkish wine is very, very nice. In my opinion it was the ideal choice of drink with our meal too. We had the white wine, which was refreshing and the citrus which worked really well with the richness of our food.

Yoğurtlu Kuzu Kebab
Yoğurtlu Kuzu Kebab – Char-grilled Lamb kebab, roasted bread with iskender sauce and yoghurt with melted butter.

For my main I had Cubed Lamb served in a beautifully spiced sauce and it was served with yoghurt, rice, cous-cous and salad. Dave had Chicken served in a Cream Sauce, served with mix vegetables. Really the hardest thing was deciding what we was going to eat as the menu is extensive with fish options, vegetarian, salads, meat and cold mezes.

Mediterranean Chicken
Mediterranean Chicken – Butterfried Chicken breast panfried with mushrooms, cream, cheese served with vegetables.

But with such a selection of tasty dishes on the menu I really will have to return soon to try some authentic kebabs or maybe the sea bass next time. My meal DID prove to be too big for me, but the staff were able to box up my food for me to take home. #BrumHour Dave is obviously made of sterner stuff as he managed to clear his plates.

White Wine
Turkish White Wine

The staff were an absolute delight, friendly and welcoming as well as being very attentive to our needs throughout our meal at Cappadocia. The interior is lovely with cloth napkins, dark wood tables, a very interesting wooden floor with words printed on to it, illuminated scenes of Cappadocia, in Turkey and there is a fully stocked bar. Cappadocia Restaurant is a date worthy venue and if you haven’t tried Turkish cuisine I do highly recommend. Turkish food is so much more than kebabs.

I did notice there is also a children’s menu which was chicken nuggets and burger type options, worth knowing if you love to explore fantastic restaurants but have a young family that is slightly less adventurous.

Check out Cappadocia here:

This isn’t a sponsored post. We didn’t pay for our food but left a tip.

Julie and #BrumHour Dave were invited to try Cappadocia without expectation of what we would write.

This is Julie’s honest experience review, we don’t have a sponsored taxi to give us a lift home at the moment, but apparently this is a thing. (Julie’s husband dropped us home as it was pouring with rain).