Spamalot at New Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham

by Julie Wallis

Spamalot at New Alexandra Theatre

Monty Python’s Spamalot is at the New Alexandra theatre until Saturday 7th October and it is fantastically funny.

Written by Eric Idle, It describes itself “A new musical lovingly ripped off from the motion picture Monty Python and the Holy Grail” this is a must see show for all Python fans and it includes the song Always Look On the Bright Side Of Life.


The story begins with King Arthur and his companion Patsy travelling the length and breadth of England to gather his Knights of the round table, then God gives them a mission to find the holy grail. Along the way Arthur and the Knights of Spamalot encounter the knights that say ni, some rather rude Frenchmen and of course the Lady of the lake, as well as cheerleaders, God, monks, ghouls, Vegas show girls, and old ladies played by men with moustaches.

I found it all to be rip roaringly funny and I was aching with laughing by the end of the show. It is all rather silly humour and very typical Eric Idle.


King Arthur is played by Bob Harms, he has great comic timing and gets plenty of laughs but Patsy is the funnier part. Played by Rhys Owen, Patsy is in charge of the horses and when I say horse I mean coconut shells.

Sarah Harlington plays the lady of the lake and has a superb voice, in fact superb may be an injustice. Sarah’s voice is absolutely beautiful and once again the part of the lady of the lake gets lots of laughs.

For me, the star of last nights performance is Marc Akinfolarin. Marc is credited as playing Sir Bedevere, but I noticed he had several roles within the show including the quintessential Python old lady, complete with moustache and he had me cracked up with laughter every time he was on stage.


This is a VERY funny show and it has some great songs, the songs are also VERY funny. I’m sure everyone knows Always look On The Bright Side Of Life, other songs include The Song That Goes Like This, I’m Not Dead Yet, Fischer Schlapping Dance and Brave Sir Robin.

This was not my first time of seeing Spamalot, and I found myself laughing at things that had not yet happened because I knew what was coming. Spamalot is a genuine tonic and I think it should be prescribed on the NHS as a cure all. I definitely felt better when I left after last nights wonderful show. I wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone looking for a fantastic night out, Monty Python fan or not, you will not be disappointed.

Once again I give thanks to The New Alexandra Theatre for their wonderful hospitality and excellent choice of musical.

Spamalot is at New Alexandra Theatre until Saturday 7th October. Book tickets here:

Julie was invited to see Spamalot on behalf of #BrumHour by New Alexandra Theatre. This isn’t a sponsored post.