Man to Man at Birmingham Rep

by Dave Massey

Man to Man at Birmingham Rep

Man to Man by Manfred Karge (Translated by Alexandra Wood) is in The Studio at Birmingham Rep until 30th September, it features Maggie Bain as the only single performer on stage.

man 2 man 2

This physical and visually absorbing play is about how a woman pretended to be a man during war time to ensure her survival. The set is almost Maggie Bain‘s playground as she talks us through events that are going on. Check out the impressive trailer below:

Maggie’s warm, honest and humorous performance ensures you feel welcomed into her dark and challenging world, there’s only the walls, a door, a window, a chair and a skinny looking matress on a hospital style bed frame.

From the moment she appears to the end every spot of the set is used to convey her journey from avoiding detection by soldiers to losing a loved one. This is storytelling that uses projections and sound to ensure you feel right in the action.

man to man

I left feeling like I’d had a mini-history lesson from a gymnastic story teller.

I feel like quite an adult when I go to events at Birmingham Rep, and Man to Man really wants you to see the realities of life in difficult times. It’s well worth booking a seat if you’ve got time this week.

Book tickets for Man to Man via Birmingham Rep here

#BrumHour was kindly invited to see Man to Man by Birmingham Rep. This isn’t a sponsored post.