Lunch at Archie’s in Selfridges Birmingham

by Dave Massey

Archie’s at Selfridges Birmingham

There’s always something new to try at Selfridges Food Hall in central Birmingham. Archie’s arrived here a few months ago. It is known for waffles and great milkshakes. More recently they’ve started doing sliders as an exclusive to Birmingham – they have a couple of other branches in Liverpool and Manchester.

Unicorn Milkshake
Unicorn Milkshake

Arriving just before noon on a Saturday at the start of the Summer holidays, I was expecting myself and my plus one Jo-ann to have a small wait, but we were welcomed and seated at once by the friendly Archie’s staff.

We started with milkshakes, and there’s some fun and funky milkshakes to try. I’d arrived here with Jo-ann and gave her very little choice in what were going to eat and drink. This is really all about getting food photos and sharing them with you on this blog.

Jo-ann had The Unicorn Milkshake which features Raspberry Millions, Strawberries, Bubblegum Sauce, whipped cream and pink and blue sherbert!

Princess Pia Mia signature shake
Princess Pia Mia signature shake

I had the Princess Pia Mia signature shake which was actually created by singer Pia Mia! It had Kinder Bueno, Oreos, Strawberries, whipped cream and a wafer straw! Others on the menu were created by Floyd Mayweather and Nas! There are lots to choose from.

I’m here for the sliders and and they sound great! Why are mini burgers called sliders? There’s probably an explanation somewhere online. There’s six sliders to choose from and when you order three sliders you pick two of one slider and one of another.


I had The Turkey Bacon BBQ One* and The Cheesy One (with halloumi Cheese) and Jo-ann had The Classic One (with cheese and gherkins!), The Archie’s Special One which includes Archie’s special sauce

The other two sliders are The Breakfast One (Grilled Egg, Turkey Bacon*), The Hot one (American Cheese, Salsa, Jalapenos) and Five of the six have cheese on but I’m sure you can not have cheese on if you ask. We had crinkle fries each which came in a paper cone on a cone stand.

I was feeling pretty full after three sliders, fries and a milkshake but for you dear reader I just had to try the waffles. I’m not normally a pudding type person and our server suggested I tried I want S’more, crushed biscuit, nutella and marshmellow on a half waffle with chocolate sauce, ice cream and cream! Oh and an Archie’s wafer! Jo-ann had Daim that’s good! crushed Daim bar with toffee sauce, ice cream and cream. I couldn’t finish all my pudding so asked for a doggie bag! As with the milkshakes there are lots of different waffles to choose.

I want S'more
I want S’more

Friendly relaxed service and good food make this a great place to visit after a busy shopping spree. Normally if I was going here I’d just maybe have Waffles and a Drink or Burgers and a drink as I felt very full very quickly. I blame the milkshakes!

Daim that's good!
Daim that’s good!

You can visit Archie’s in Selfridges Birmingham during regular opening hours and visit their website at: The website is getting a refresh at the moment so keep checking back for updated info.

*This is a Halal Menu.

#BrumHour and a plus one were invited by Archie’s for lunch in exchange for a honestly held blog post. We didn’t pay for food or drink but did leave a tip. This isn’t a sponsored post.