Dirty Dancing at New Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham

By Julie Wallis twitter.com/Nicenic63

Dirty Dancing at New Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham

Dirty Dancing is at the New Alexandra theatre all this week and it is wonderful!

The story centres around Baby who is holidaying with her family the Housemans in the mountains where she meets and ultimately falls in love with her sexy dance teacher Johnny and the pair end up dancing together on the final night of the holiday as Johnnys regular dance partner is indisposed due to an illegal abortion.

Baby - Watermelon
She carried a watermelon

Dirty Dancing is such a well loved, well quoted and iconic movie that I did arrive wondering if the stage play could really measure up, never fear, last nights performance was beyond all my expectations and I loved it. It’s not as good as the film, it’s even better……. yes really!

For the final scene Johnny who last night was played by Robert Colvin, arrives at the stage via the aisle in the auditorium, my guest was my 12 year old granddaughter and she was thrilled that this beefcake had walked past her, he certainly made an entrance before delivering the line “nobody puts Baby in the corner” and he went on to do the iconic lift to huge cheers.

Johnny,Baby, Musicians
Dirty Dancing

Robert Colvin with his rippling muscles showing certainly looks the part, this guy must dedicate some serious gym time to do ‘that lift’ and make it look so effortless. I particularly liked the lake scene where Johnny is practising the lift with Baby Katie Eccles and they are actually standing in a lake, all be it a projected image, but it was very cleverly done.

Katie plays a convincing Baby, an instantly likeable girl with a naive charm. Carlie Milner is Penny, Johnnys regular dance partner and she is a superb dancer. Once again a performance with some spectacular choreography to go with the great soundtrack. The soundtrack of course includes Do You Love Me? I’ve Had The Time Of My Life and She’s Like The Wind. For the final scene the audience really got into the mood and were clapping and singing along, it was very uplifting (excuse the pun).

Johnny Baby Time of My Life
Time of My Life

Considering the play is set in the hotel where the Housemans are holidaying, there are a lot of scene changes, sometime two or three in the space of five minutes, but they are done well, being fast and smooth in transitioning. They are also great sets, I really was there with the Houseman family and I loved my summer vacation in the Catskills mountains,thanks to some great lighting.

I loved last nights show, and I certainly can’t fault anything about it. I left feeling incredibly happy, as I said it it a very uplifting production. Everything about this production is perfect, I know I always focus on the positives and never mention anything I feel was less than perfect, but hand on my heart I would not change a thing about Dirty Dancing as a stage show. So for fans of the film I can safely say this show does not disappoint and you should book tickets immediately.

Johny and Baby small
Johnny and Baby

Once again I must thank the staff at the New Alexandra theatre for their hospitality, which is always second to none, I can safely say I Had The Time Of My Life, and I owe it all to you.

See Dirty Dancing at New Alexandra Theatre until Sat 3rd June. Book tickets here: atgtickets.com/shows/dirty-dancing-2017/new-alexandra-theatre-birmingham/

Julie was invited to see Dirty Dancing at New Alexandra Theatre on behalf of BrumHour. This very positive review is all her own thoughts. She clearly LOVED IT!