1580 – Bringing spice to Royal Sutton Coldfield

by Dave Massey twitter.com/brumhour

1580 Opens in Wylde Green

In September 1580, Sir Francis Drake returned from circumnavigating the world, with a rich cargo of spices. This might sound like a random opening statement, but it forms the basis for a new Indian Restaurant on the Chester Road border of Erdington and Sutton Coldfield.


I’ve recently moved to VERY SOUTH BIRMINGHAM, and I’m now living in an area which, for blog purposes, I’ll call Queen’s Heath, but when I was living with my folks near Spaghetti Junction we would get takeaway from the row of shops that 1580 now resides in. It’s a fairly diverse area in terms of food and its great to see this type of venue opening here.


I was here for a Brum Blogger dinner organised by Ting and Laura with Delicious PR, and I arrived just after 6pm to ensure I was there on time. The effects of post recession culture which has seemingly developed unique businesses across Birmingham continues with 1580. It takes the idea of sharing spices into the look of its new restaurant.

There’s lots of elements of being on board a sailing ship here, from the rustic wood to the light fittings and even the tables. It has a modern feel and I’m sure many people will enjoy visiting here.

Following a short introduction from the friendly management team at 1580, the drinks and starters made their way to the tables. As I wasn’t there for a regular dinner, I’m not sure what the day to day service might be like, but staff were very charming and informed about their dishes. I am getting hungry as I write this. The cone poppadoms were great with home made style dips to try!


The tables are mainly laid out in groups of four and this is intended to be social family dining. For our blogger main meal we were presented with five dishes between the four of us which gave us several chances to try different items including lamb and butter chicken dishes.

The full menu offers the usual items you’d expect from a contemporary Indian restaurant from Rogan Josh to Murgh Tikka (Chicken Tikka). But there are other items to tempt you from whereever you are in Birmingham. Such as Drake’s Royal Meat Feast Platter or 1580 Signature Karkat/Lobster. See the full menu here: 1580.co.uk/Restaurant-menu.html

Our evening was rounded off by traditional Gulab Jamun. I felt very watched as I finished all my food with glee! But I felt very full and happy!

Gulab Jamun

1580 opens from 5pm-11pm Tuesday-Saturday, 5pm-9.30pm Sunday and is Closed Mondays.

Its worth ringing ahead to see if it will be busy and if you need to reserve. There’s a whole selection for vegetarians and meat eaters so you can feel like everyone is being catered for.

I can’t wait to go back for a family experience and try even more of the great dishes available.

Check out the 1580 website at: 1580.co.uk

I visited 1580 with Brum Bloggers who you can find at: brumbloggers.co.uk

The event was kindly organised by Delicious PR deliciouspr.co.uk who invited Brum Bloggers on behalf of the team at 1580.

These are my honest views however I can be bought by the promise of fantastic Indian food! This is not a sponsored post.