Strawberries get clothed by Godiva at Selfridges

Via Brummie Gourmand

Brummie Gourmand

Godiva Chocolate has been around for a very long time. Since 1926, they’ve been combining Praline and Belgian chocolate into sweet treats, surprisingly though they don’t have a shop in the Midlands (but they do have a stand in Selfridges).

In the short term however, they’re offering you a chance to get some HUGE strawberries dipped in chocolate and a range of toppings including:

  • Caramelised Hazelnuts
  • Belgian Biscuit Crumb


  • Chocolate Flakes

There’s even mini (or maxi) bottles of prosecco to accompany your strawberries too.

Prices start from £10 for a cup of strawberries, up to £25 for a ballontin of 12 dipped strawberries.

I was lucky enough to have a go myself at the dipping lark, doing a plain chocolate and one with chocolate flakes.  This involved carefully skewering the strawberry, dipping in their chocolate machine (which we all agreed every home should have), and then choosing from…

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