MCM Comic Con 2017 at The NEC

For #BrumHour Julie Wallis and I were lucky enough to secure press tickets to MCM Comic Con 2017. While I was updating twitter and instagram, Julie was plotting this blog post AND being asked for photos whilst dressed as CATWOMAN!

by Julie Wallis

MCM Comic Con 2017

MCM Comic Con is a highly anticipated event with a fabulous selection of stars from film and TV, as well as comic book artists plus thousands of fans dressed in cosplay outfits.

Where else can you see babies dressed as Supergirl, toddlers dressed as Star Wars characters, teens dressed as Japanese anime and parents dressed as every fictional character known to man from Harry Potter to Star Trek, Freddie Mercury to Daleks and every DC or Marvel character that has every graced the pages of a comic book.


As well as the 20,000 guests expected today, there were a huge variety of vendors selling everything from memorabilia, t-shirts, glasses and key rings as well as outfits ranging from steam punk to super hero’s to anime and beyond.

The atmosphere in this huge space is energetic and incredibly friendly. This is a very well organised convention bringing out the best in everybody who attends. Everyone is just so happy and friendly. It really is a great family day out.


There are well defined areas for seeing your favourite celebrities, or taking the chance for a photo opportunity, to rides in Starsky and Hutch’s Gran Tourino or the glamour model zone (which was very discretely tucked behind screening, but also offered photo ops with your favorite glamour girl, on a lace canopy draped bed) to a cinema showing South Korean horror movie Train to Busan the whole day went without a hitch thanks to a lot of well thought out planning.

With so much to see and do, it really is hard to know where to start when you first arrive, so picking up a programme is an absolute “must”. The programme includes a floor plan and time tables for the celebrity photo ops and talks.

Michael Landis
Michael Landis chatting on the stage.

We went into the cinema area to see some clips of Keith Lemon and Paddy McGuinness‘ new TV show, The Keith And Paddy Picture Show. There was a question and answer session where I asked Keith Lemon “you must have met a lot of celebrities during your career, which one left you starstruck?” It was Belinda Carlisle!

We loved seeing the cast of Allo Allo at the same venue as the cast of cult classic Red Dwarf and Doctor Who’s Billie Piper, Katy Manning and Peter Purves, we watched Michael Landis (Hooton and the Lady) give an interview.

Julie chatting to Doctor Who and Blue Peter's Peter Purves
Julie chatting to Doctor Who and Blue Peter’s Peter Purves

This really is the place to get up close and personal with so many of your favourite heroes. Even if, like a little boy we saw, who was dressed in a child’s fancy dress outfit and he was hugging a full grown Batman, even if that hero is just an adult in his cos-play outfit. If you do attend, be sure your camera is fully charged, there are so many people wearing some wonderful outfits as well as lots of TV and movie stars, you’re bound to take a lot of photos.


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Julie and Dave would like to thank MCM Comic Con for arranging press tickets. This is Julies honest opinion. This is not a sponsored post.