Birmingham Pound: the way forward!

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Birmingham Pound

 – Invitation to an open meeting

March 27th 5.30pm

It’s a couple of years now since we first started exploring a local currency for Birmingham. We’ve had a brilliant, largely voluntary, team and great support from the Bristol Pound and the ‘Guild of Independent Currencies’ culminating in a Local Currencies day for the whole UK that took place here in Birmingham at the Impact Hub – an inspirational day for many across the nation seeking to establish local currencies in their towns and cities.

This learning experience has been an early positive impact of our local currency initiative, and has helped us with some findings we hope to share with you during the open meeting.

The benefits of the Birmingham Pound – a reminder

We believe a ‘Birmingham Pound’ would represent a great opportunity for Birmingham. Even more so in the post-Brexit world, where more and more people feel…

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