Pizza making at Bardolino

by Dave Massey

Bardolino in the Mailbox Birmingham has a new menu and I was invited to create my own pizza to mark the launch and National Pizza Day on Feb 9th.

Eating out at Bardolino, Birmingham

Let’s be upfront about this. I don’t cook at all, but I like to eat, with the #BrumHour blog. I’m fortunate enough to eat out fairly often, but when it comes to food I’m pretty fussy about what I eat.

It was really lovely to be invited to Bardolino this week to create my pizza, I was with a small group of bloggers, we donned aprons and hats.

We found ourselves positioned in front of a medium size dough ball and were shown how to turn this into the pizza base. There was a table of fresh ingredients to pick from and while I normally prefer chicken, I knew that hams, bolognese sauce or tomatoes were all available to pick from. It was great seeing what everyone wanted to make from the ingredients, most people were more artistic with their creations than myself.

Bardolino is quite well hidden in lower level of the Cube and its the sort of place that I’d say is great for afternoons by the canal watching the barges go by.

Bardolino from the canal

The new menu has “Salmon Cannelloni, the Bardolino Burger, Wild Mushroom Lasagne, Meatballs Americano and a range of Superfood Salads.” and Brunch available from 11am-5pm I think I’ll be trying crushed avocado next time I’m there.

Friendly staff make this venue feel special as well as the quality of the ingredients.

Here’s what I was sent about the Valentines menu:

We heart Bardolino this Valentine’s Day


To many, there aren’t any bigger gestures in the world of romance than sharing your food with someone. At Bardolino, your date can truly have a piece of your heart, as the pizzeria will be making limited edition heart-shaped pizzas this Valentine’s Day.

Each pizza will be handmade and shaped by Bardolino’s expert chefs and included in the restaurant’s exclusive Valentine’s Day offer – a three course meal and a bellini in picturesque settings for just £22.50.

As well as the special heart-shaped pizzas, diners can also choose from any main course from Bardolino’s brand new menu designed by Marco Pierre White, which launches next week. If the heart-shaped pizzas are too cheesy of a gesture, why not re-enact the famous Lady and the Tramp scene with one of two new spaghetti dishes added to the menu – Meatballs Americano or Pollo Alla Valdostana.

With scenic views of Birmingham waterways, Bardolino is perfect for those wanting an intimate meal this Valentine’s Day, without the hefty price tag that usually comes with romantic meals at this time of year.

Bardolino’s new menu launched on Tuesday 7th February, and all pizza options can be made into heart-shape designs on Valentine’s Day, with gluten-free dough and dairy-free cheese available when requested in advance. To book your table and see the full menu, visit or call 0121 634 3433.

 I was invited to create my own pizza at Bardolino and have not been paid to create this post. This is my own view.