The play that goes wrong at Belgrade Theatre, Coventry

by Dave Massey

See The Play that goes Wrong on Tour this Spring

I’d tell you to go to see The Play That Goes Wrong  at the Belgrade Theatre in Coventry this week. But its SOLD OUT! I mean there might be a FEW tickets here: But you are probably better off telling someone with tickets that its terrible and kindly offer to take from their hands.

Here’s a teeny tiny summary of the plot: An amateur group (Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society) is putting on a production of Murder at Haversham Manor. You are probably expecting me to say a little bit more but that REALLY is the plot.


You may have seen Peter Pan Goes Wrong on BBC One over Christmas and if so you’ve got a pretty good indication as to what might happen here. The Play That Goes Wrong starts with a lost dog in the Theatre Foyer and stressed stage manager Trevor (Graeme Rooney) on the hunt for him. Annie (Katie Bernstein) is the stage hand who gets more than she bargined for.

Chris Bean (Patrick Warner) is the hardworking director, designer, prop maker, costume designer, choreographer and also plays the Inspector Carter. Johnathan (Jason Callender) is the not quite dead corpse of Charles Haversham whom Inspector Carter has come to inspect. Sandra Wilkinson (Meg Mortell) plays Florence Collymoore the fiancee of Charles. With me so far?

Robert Gove (Edward Judge) is Thomas Collymoore, Max Bennett (Alistair Kirton) is Cecil Haversham and Arthur the Gardener and Dennis Tyde (Edward Howells) is Perkins.

Told in almost real time, The Play That Goes Wrong is jam packed with visual gags, crazy set pieces and blink-and-you-miss them one liners. From Dennis who struggles with to read the words written on the back of his hand to Max who claps every time the audiences spontaneously applauds.

Even though you don’t get to know the actors terribly well you really feel their pain watching the play fall apart around them, lost props, minor injuries and doors that won’t open are all things that theatre productions dread. The Play That Goes Wrong embraces this and makes you feel right there with the story telling.

They never did find that dog!

I was really excited to visit Coventry’s lovely Belgrade Theatre to see this play. It’s on at Wolverhampton Grand from 3rd-8th April and then at Birmingham Rep from 19th-24th June. Check out

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Massive thanks to Belgrade Theatre for inviting me and my loud laughing plus one! The welcome there is always great! This isn’t a sponsored post and I’ve not been paid to tell you how great this play is!