Visiting Wrap Lab at Birmingham’s Great Western Arcade

Guest blog and photos by Julie Wallis

Wrapped up for lunch

Are you looking for fast food? Or are you looking for healthy, locally sourced food? Why not visit Wrap lab in Birmingham’s Great Western Arcade and be spoilt for choice?

Wrap Lab specialises in fast food that is healthy and combines locally sourced, fresh ingredients with a wrap of your choice. You bound to find the perfect lunch option. Now you no longer have to decide between fast or healthy when you can opt for a Lean ‘n’ Mean which gives you high protein turkey with avocado and spinach in a flour wrap, or the Lamb Superfood wrap (my favourite) which is bejewelled with pomegranate which is proven to help good bone density and reduce cholesterol damage.

Wrap Lab

Wrap lab is the brainchild of Gupy Tiwana who works alongside wife Anshu and mum Gabby. They had noticed a gap in the market for healthy fast food and Wraplab has filled that gap perfectly.

Decorated to look reminiscent of a school science laboratory with chalkboards, science beakers and reclaimed school desks, Wrap Lab has a clean, fresh feel.

As well as being offered all the named wrap options, including Tex-Mex or Chicken Caesar you can also get adventurous and create your own wrap. With vegetarian and gluten free options as well as low fat, high protein choices for dieters and gym bunnies there is something for everyone.


Add hot drinks, smoothies and Wenlock Water alongside delicious 10 Acre Crisps and popcorn in a range of flavours, you are guaranteed a filling lunch.

I was invited to sample some of the wraps and the first thing I noticed was the size. These are HUGE “man sized” portions that will fill the hungriest of diners. Second thing I noticed was the variety, fillings included slow cooked lamb, salmon, beef, cheese, crayfish, pork and leek sausage, bacon and five different wraps.

After sampling various wraps, Gupy announced a competition for everyone in attendance with a prize for the fastest wrapper. But the wrap must be made to acceptable standards. It was a lot of fun both watching and taking part. That’s when I saw how much filling Gupy uses in his wraps, I’d have made three wraps with the same amount. So they really do represent great value.


I was rather chuffed with my wrap, it looked the business and I had done it super fast, hey it’s called fast food for a reason. I was the fastest wrapper!! I won! I was very happy to accept my prize bottle of prosecco and a goody bag for everyone included 10 Acre crisps which are hand cooked and very tasty.

I thoroughly enjoyed my first visit to Wraplab and I know it’s somewhere I will visit again. Lunch times by Colmore Row have just gotten a lot more exciting.

Julie and her speedy wrapping skills won her a prize!

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Wrap lab is at the Snow Hill station end of Great Western Arcade and is open from 7.30am every day except Sundays, when it opens at 10.00am. You can even place an order at: alternatively visit for more information.

Julie was invited on behalf of BrumHour to visit Wrap Lab and clearly will fight to the death to win a bottle of Prosecco. This is not a sponsored post.