Food: Topokki, Korean Restaurant, Birmingham

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Wine Press Girl

I love Asian food and can’t believe I hadn’t tried Korean food until I’d moved to Birmingham. On top of this, it’s taken me 3 visits to Topokki and 3 lots of photo taking to do a review post.

Topokki is on the main strip in the Chinese Quarter of Birmingham. They serve kimchi, dup bap, bulgogi and Korean barbecue. They’ve also recently started serving sushi between Wednesday and Sunday. Bulgogi is a ““Rice bowl dish” consisting of meat, vegetables or other ingredients served over rice.” – Topokki. Kimchi was ever the rage in 2015, it can be described as sour and spicy, feremented vegetables.

I started off with a brown rice tea, that can be refilled throughout the meal. I first had brown rice tea in Lake Garda, Italy about a year ago and haven’t looked back since. It’s quite nutty and creamy.

I’ve also had the…

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