Gaslight at New Alexandra Theatre

by Julie Wallis

Gaslight at New Alexandra Theatre

Bella believes she is going crazy and will end up on an asylum just like her poor mother. But with time, love and tenderness from her husband Jack she knows she can be well again. Unfortunately Jack is not the kind and loving husband she deserves, in fact he is determined to push his fragile wife over the edge, but for what reason?

Atmospheric thriller Gaslight is at the New Alexandra Theatre this week, this is a charming old play that centres around a victim Bella Manningham – Kara Tointon, a villain Jack Manningham – Rupert Young, and a hero Rough – Keith Allen.


I adored this performance, it’s a proper old school play, a Victorian melodrama with a small cast and some big part – the dialogue is all very Celia Johnson darhhling. A delightful story, even though it is billed a a psychological thriller Gaslight has a genteel charm and enough humour to make this thoroughly entertaining without being too tense. Although it does have just the right amount of tension, I was on the edge of my seat figuratively at times.

The set is the Manningham’s drawing room in London 1871 ,and it is a beautiful set. Lighting designer Howard Hudson, perfectly captures the mood of the gas mantles and roaring log fire. Those gas mantles that dim whenever Jack is up to his mysterious shenanigans. It really was rather cosy when Nancy – Charlotte Blackledge, the feisty and flirty maid stoked the fire.

This is the sort of production that appeals to adults of all ages, and is a safe bet for an evenings entertainment with your parents or grandparents with nothing to offend, just solid entertainment.


Gaslight was first on stage in 1938, I believe it’s longevity is proof enough of its charm. I thoroughly enjoyed the show much more than I anticipated.

Once again the New Alexandra Theatre were the perfect hosts for my evening out. I was welcomed with a glass of wine or two. I enjoyed a clotted cream and strawberry ice cream at the interval, and I was invited to the after show party which had copious amounts of champagne to wash down the canapés. It is lovely to tell the actors, in person, just how much I had enjoyed all their hard work, and believe me, the amount of dialogue our three main characters had I do appreciate just how hard everyone had worked.

Gaslight is at the New Alexandra Theatre until Saturday 14th January. Book tickets here:

Julie was invited to Gaslight on behalf of BrumHour by the New Alexandra Theatre. Photos provided by New Alexandra Theatre.