The Sake Bomb has arrived at Rofuto, Birmingham

via Matt for Rofuto

Step aside Jägerbomb, the Sake Bomb has arrived

Pan-Asian restaurant Rofuto has introduced the sake bomb to its drinks menu, bringing the beer cocktail to Birmingham for the first time.

The sake bomb, is already a huge craze in the USA, taking on the ever-popular Jägerbomb here in the UK.

The sake bomb consists of a shot of sake resting on two chopsticks above a glass of Japanese beer. Drinkers then either knock the sake into the beer themselves, or bang on the resting surface to dislodge the chopsticks causing the shot glass to drop in. This is then consumed in one go, similar to the Jägermeister and Red Bull combination of the Jägerbomb.

While there is no clear origin of the sake bomb, one of the most popular theories is that the drink was put together by American soldiers during the occupation of Japan after World War II. It is also believed that most Japanese think the West is crazy for wasting sake by dropping it into beer.

Rofuto, which opened in April, has secured a reputation as one of the city’s finest pan-Asian restaurants and boasts Birmingham’s second sky bar. It features a wide selection of Japanese sakes and beers, as well as oriental cocktails and fine wines.

Sake Bomb

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