The Full Monty at Birmingham Hippodrome

By Julie Wallis

Get the Full Monty at Birmingham Hippodrome

The Full Monty is playing at Birmingham Hippodrome until 19th November and this uplifting, funny, feelgood movie makes for an equally uplifting, funny, feelgood play.

Possibly the funniest play I have ever seen, this laugh out loud comedy is a full on explosion of one liners and bare bottoms that had me cackling like a witch at parts. There is no live singing, this is not a musical, but it does have a great soundtrack including Flashdance, You sexy thing, You can leave your hat on and Hot Stuff.

Staying absolutely true to the 1997 movie of the same name, The Full Monty tells the story of 6 unemployed steel workers who decide to form an all male strip troupe to make a bit of cash.


Gary Lucy plays the part of Gaz with ease, Anthony Lewis plays depressed Lomper with dour misery but still has a lot of funny lines. Andrew Dunn is absolutely perfect as Gerald but for me last night’s undoubted star of the show was Felix Yates. Playing Nathan the young son of Gaz, Felix is a very convincing little actor with no hint of stage school about him and I fell in love with this little star.

All of your favourite scenes are included in this production, so yes the boys do confront a gang of would be burglars in their underwear, yes Dave does wrap his belly in clingfilm and proceed to eat a chocolate bar, yes one of the girls does wee whilst standing up, yes the guys break into a dance routine at the job centre, yes the gnomes distract Gerald at his job interview and yes they do go Full Monty for the final scene!

Photo by Matt Crockett

This raucous comedy may cause the more sensitive to blush, as there is real nudity and some colourful language but it is all done in the best possible taste and it really wouldn’t work any other way.

The scene changes are absolutely amazing, based predominantly, inside the now closed down steel works, somehow they change that, to the alley behind the working men’s club, the job club and Gerald’s interview in seconds without really changing very much at all.

So if you’re looking for the perfect pick-me-up night out this play will have you leave the auditorium with a guaranteed smile. It’s not entirely an all female audience but I’d say it was predominantly ladies in attendance last night but don’t let that put you off of going if you’re a man, you’ll still have a great nights entertainment and if you’re looking for a great ‘girls night’ this surely has to be a contender.

Photo by Matt Crockett

Many thanks to Birmingham Hippodrome for inviting Brumhour to review this, I had a superb evening thanks to the hospitality I received and the very comfortable seats. I do love that booster cushions are available at this lovely venue for children or adults if you need. Drinks in the modern bar area mean that the charming old auditorium comes as a pleasant surprise, and it was lovely to leave with crowds of people who all had beaming smiles at the end of a laughter filled evening.

See The Full Monty at Birmingham Hippodrome until Saturday 19th November. There’s even some matinee’s for a great afternoon out!¬†