Enjoying the new menu at Cosy Club, Birmingham

by Dave Massey twitter.com/brumhour

Menu tasting at Cosy Club, Birmingham

This week I was invited to sample the new menu at Cosy Club on Bennett’s Hill in Birmingham’s ever blossoming city centre. Previously I’ve had the chance to send a guest blogger to the sister branch in Coventry but this time I was free myself to visit! Hooray!

The venue is in a converted branch of Midland Bank (That’s HSBC to you young people) It has a large main bar area and but there’s also areas where you can be shown to a table to dine. My lunch buddy and I found ourselves on a table for six people knowing full well that I was planning to take plenty of photos.

The menu itself has been updated and contains several new additions, I asked our lovely waitress to tell me all about them. This however only my second visit to a Cosy Club and my first time trying the food so really everything was new to me. But I didn’t let on this secret.

The menu has a brunch selection that includes the new “Cornish-Smoked Maple Bacon  with oven-roasted tomatoes, potato rösti and a fried egg.”, The sandwich menu is  updated to include a Lobster & King Prawn Brioche or there is a Roast Beef Sandwich.

Ultimately we decided on Tapas to start with and the three new items were: Pork Belly Squares, Baby Chorizo Sausages and Crushed Minted Peas & Butterbeans. 

You’ve probably heard me claim, elsewhere on this blog, that I’m a terrible vegetarian who doesn’t eat fish or seafood and really, really only sticks to eating chicken. But.. the Pork Belly was amazing! My lunch buddy claimed, himself, not to like the crushed minted peas and then ate half of them while I polished off the other half! And I could have eaten several bowls of the Chorizo Sausages, but I’m concerned when menus have the word “baby” on them. Mini Chorizo Sausages is sufficient.

We had the chance to try some new cocktails too! My chosen cocktail, a Rum & Raisin was actually designed by Martin from this very branch of Cosy Club in Birmingham! It was Ron Barcelo rum with raisin & cinnamon infused syrup with ice cubes topped with actual raisins! Well worth trying!! My buddy chose a Pear Daiquiri which he very much enjoyed!

The Major General burger

For our mains we also chose items new to the menu. My lunch buddy chose a new burger called The Major-General, a beef patty with a cheese fritter, bacon and cheddar, on his ordering request they swapped the fries for sweet potato fries and removed any signs of tomato. They were more than happy to accommodate changes to the items which I was confident they would be.

Empire Curry

I’d already spotted a curry on the menu called the Empire Curry which on arrival turned out to be a substantial piece of chicken breast in a tandoori vegetable curry plus rice, naan, mango chutney and a poppadom. The curry itself was was just the right amount of spice for me! And I like fairly spicy curries. I’d have preferred less veg and more curry but I’m sure its right for most people.

Rather than have a pudding we tried a couple of more new items from the drinks menu. Well I did. I had a Smoked Julep which was served in a metal julip tin and my buddy had work to do in the afternoon so he went for a brilliantly named Damson in Distress, its damson, lemon and apple juice.

Lastly I’d like to tell you about the service. I tell people I’m a blogger straight away at a venue to ensure that I’m getting the best service so you know when you go to a venue that they are capable of great service. The staff here were friendly and informed about their menu items. They adapted easily to alteration requests on the menu (Provided they are reasonable requests obviously) The standard of service would bring me back to this venue again and the food was great!

Check out the new menu at Cosy Club, Birmingham on Bennett’s Hill: cosyclub.co.uk/clubs/birmingham

Check them out in twitter at twitter.com/CosyClubBrum

I was invited by Cosy Club to try their new menu and this is my honestly held view. This is not a sponsored post.