National Chocolate Week: Visiting Cadbury World & Afternoon Tea

By Dave Massey

Cadbury World and Afternoon Tea

I was lucky enough to be invited to Afternoon Tea at Cadbury World, and not only that, but my invite included a visit to Cadbury World in south Birmingham itself. Find out more about the afternoon tea in the second half of this post.

I’ve probably said before, my grandmother worked at Cadbury for some years in the 70s and 80s until she retired. So Cadbury’s at Bournville hold some lovely childhood memories.

The grounds of Cadbury

I’ve probably been to Cadbury World twice in the 25 years it has been open, I can’t remember the last time I was there but its more than 10 years ago.

We arrived at 12.50pm after a 5-10 minute walk over from Bournville Railway Station, the route is fairly well sign posted right from the station itself.

Chocolate to keep us going around Cadbury World

My guest and I were presented with bars of chocolate at the entrance to the tour. I had a packet of Cadbury Buttons to start me off! The tour is semi self-guided beginning with the the origins of chocolate, it then moves through several models with projected actors interacting with sets.

The history of cocoa beans

We then move on through the video history of Cadbury and the Cadbury Family in Birmingham, then we are shown how chocolate is processed once it enters the UK. These are both pretty interesting to those who don’t know how the process works. We move into an interactive room, showing how chocolate is then made into products.


The factory demonstration area is having an update at the moment so we didn’t see any live production, but we did learn who eats what type of Dairy Milk the most. Obviously in the West Midlands, we prefer original Cadbury’s Dairy Milk!

Tempering Chocolate

We were given some melted chocolate, with our own choice of toppings, to keep us going and then we watched a live demonstration of how models are made, and how the chocolate is tempered. It’s great to see a team soo passionate about their work. They clearly love being there!

Chocolate Demonstration

There was a mini car ride to transport us through the chocolate seasons, and we did feel at all silly as two grown adults in a children’s ride. It’s about the experience. We then walked to an advert zone, which had a selection of classic adverts complete with an Ad DJ!

Entering the Cadbury Shop!!

Next was a games area which manages to be both educational and fun! And that lead us into the Cadbury’s Chocolate shop itself. I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited in a gift shop before by there’s lots to choose from.

We then went for Afternoon Tea..

Afternoon Tea at Cadbury World

Other than mini sandwiches, Mini cakes and Scones, I wasn’t sure what to expect from afternoon tea at Cadbury World. I did think it might be ALL chocolate themed. We had a sectioned off zone to sit in where, large pots of tea and a triple tier serving tray appeared.


The lower tier contained mini sandwiches were Cheese, Cheese Chutney, Ham and Mustard, Ham and Turkey, Ham and Cheese and I asked for no Salmon but that’s one of the usual sandwiches.


The middle tier was filled with cakes were Coconut bakewell, Rocky Road, Brownie and Chocolate Mini Muffins.

Scone or scone??

On the top tier there was a Scone plus Clotted Cream and Strawberry Jam.

There’s A LOT of food on top of what we ate around Cadbury World but it was great to try as much as we could. Coconut Bakewell was my favourite!

Planning your visit ahead of the day is essential when it comes to visiting Cadbury World and booking afternoon tea. It costs £19.95 per person as combined experience and you need to arrive for your tour between 12:40pm and 13:30pm, its not available during the school holidays.

We then realised we had missed out on the 4D cinema which is outside of the main building. Tip for you, don’t go on the 4D cinema right after afternoon tea! Do the Tour then 4D cinema then afternoon tea! But don’t dilly dally there’s food to be eaten!

I was invited by Cadbury World to the tour and enjoy afternoon tea for two and this is not a sponsored post. Clearly I can be bribed by chocolate! Pleasee send to BrumHour, C/o 54-57 Allison Street, Birmingham B5 5TH.

I was gutted not to go the very next day as Wil Wheaton off of Star Trek: The Next Generation was in Birmingham for their convention and went to Cadbury World himself with his lovely wife!

Wil Wheaton and Anne Wheaton at Cadbury World photo via

Massive thanks to Cadbury World for this experience!

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