Rocky Horror at New Alexandra Theatre

by Julie Wallis

Rocky Horror at New Alexandra Theatre

This week the New Alexandra Theatre is host to the cult phenomenon that is The Rocky Horror Show. So don your fishnet stockings, dust off your corsets and suspenders and follow the trail of discarded feathers to do the time warp.

Not many theatre productions can claim the cult status that is Richard O’Brien’s Rocky Horror Show, in fact I know of nothing else to match the passion that Rocky fans show, this is the ultimate in audience participation and can only be compared to a pantomime in terms of breaking the fourth wall.

Julie with the team at New Alexandra Theatre

The story which was inspired by low budget B-movies centres around Brad and Janet, newly engaged they find themselves amidst the strangest of house parties hosted by transvestite and alien Frank-N-Furter.

Really there can be no such thing as a poor or a bad Rocky show as the show really does centre around the audience every bit as much as the cast. A great audience makes for a great Rocky show. But last night’s cast were as wonderful as I have come to expect.

Steve Punt is a charming narrator and really gets his teeth into his comebacks from the audience, Rocky as played by Dominic Andersen has the body of Adonis and was a perfect “creature of the night” and Frank N Furter – Liam Tamne, has really given his own voice to the character, a hard job to do after Tim Curry set such high standards with his perfect rendition. Brad and Janet (Richard Meek and Haley Flaherty) are perfect in their roles, I could go on to name check every cast member as everyone is equally talented.

Julie and Dave throwing themselves into the night

Frank’s arrival on stage to his first song Sweet Transvestite really did have me shivering in anticipation, it’s such a big entrance as he drops his cloak to reveal his corset, stockings and high heels.

With laughs aplenty and some amazing showtunes and possibly the friendliest audience Rocky Horror is always a treat and last night certainly lived up to all my previous Rocky nights.

Audience participation for anyone who doesn’t know not only involves lots of shouting, to the narrator mostly but also to other cast members. There is also the ‘accessories’ some fans take, be that a newspaper to hold over your head during the song There’s a light which takes place during a storm, rubber gloves, playing cards, (rice for the wedding is usually discouraged by most theatres) and the waving of torches or mobile phones.

Julie with more fancy dress audience members

Then there is the fancy dress. Boy do Rocky fans take their dressing up seriously, from pyjamas and Mickey mouse ears, green theatre scrubs and a string of pearls to biker jackets and jeans and not forgetting the men in stockings and corsets, there’s a reason this play has a cult following. This show is always lots of fun and last night was no exception with many of the New Alexandra staff wearing their own fabulous outfits too. I met with a lady who was at 40th production and travelled all over the country just for Rocky Horror nights.

So if you haven’t ever been may I highly recommend you do attend a Rocky Horror show live event, it’s certainly a night you will remember.

The New Alexandra Theatre were wonderful hosts as always and I must thank them for giving me this wonderful event to cover. I went with Dave Mr. Brumhour himself last night and he looked adorable. I think I can safely say we both had lots of fun. So Thank you New Alex for another fab show and lovely hospitality.

The Rocky Horror Show is at New Alexandra Theatre until Saturday 15th October. Tickets here:

Disclaimer by Dave Massey:

Cupcakes by Boldmere Cakes

Julie and I were invited to The Rocky Horror Show by New Alexandra Theatre, we didn’t pay for drinks or the amazing cupcakes nor our tickets. The team at New Alexandra Theatre were lovely and friendly and even let me change into my Rocky Horror outfit at the theatre.