Little Shop of Horrors at New Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham

by Julie Wallis

Lots of fun in the Little Shop of Horrors

This week Little Shop of Horrors is playing at New Alexandra Theatre and this may well be the best show I have attended here this year… so far.

If you don know the story it revolves around meek and mild Seymour who works in a failing florists and is in love with Audrey. Audrey is in an abusive relationship with Orin the sadistic dentist and a mean green plant from outta space turns everyone’s lives upside down when it develops a taste for human blood! It is so much better than it sounds.

This laugh out loud comedy horror is a genuine blast of a show. So many great performances seem to have a weaker first half but not this show. It starts big with Little Shop prologue sung by the incredible talents that are Crystal (Sasha Latoya) Ronnette (Cassia Clare) and Chiffon (Vanessa Fisher) and it just continues to get better throughout.

I loved every character and I don’t think they could be cast any better, Audrey (Stephanie Clift) is a tiny little slip of a girl with a huge voice and she shone like the star she is. Seymour (Sam Lupton) has another great voice and is absolutely perfect in this role. Orin the sadistic dentist as played by Rhydian just blew me away. He has the most awesome voice and at one point holds one note for so long that I found it hard to believe it was really him, but it certainly was. This guy can act too, a few times I have felt the ‘big name’ has been a fabulous singer but their acting has let them down.

Mushnik (Paul Kissaun) is another huge presence on stage with some very funny lines and great acting and singing.

The star of the show is Audrey II the big Green bloodthirsty plant from outta space, a fantastic puppet, starting small Audrey II grows on stage until he is the size of a car and the puppetry is fabulous, voiced by Neil Nicolas and operated by Josh Wilmott Audrey II does live up to and beyond all my expectations. He also made me laugh lots.

This is a family-friendly show if you are considering taking the younger family members and it was lovely to see so many teens and pre-teen children at New Alexandra last night. Whilst they may not be old enough to appreciate all the joke nor indeed the brilliant lighting thanks to lighting designer Charles Morgan Jones, who really captures the mood in every scene so perfectly they will love the Audrey II puppetry and the fabulous sing along tunes that this show has.


This is a loud, proud, extravagant comedy horror and has been my favourite show at The New Alexandra this year. I did say I would pay to see this again tomorrow and I mean it, thank you The New Alex for being wonderful hosts as always, I may well see you again this week.

Little Shop of Horrors is on at New Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham until Saturday 1st October. Buy tickets here:

Julie was invited to see Little Shop of Horrors for #BrumHour by the New Alex.