Eating at Tonkotsu: Selfridges Birmingham

by Dave Massey

New to Birmingham: Tonkotsu at Selfridges

I was kindly invited to try Tonkotsu in Selfridges Birmingham, its a London chain with about seven stores. I’d never heard of it before reading it was coming to Bullring. It’s a Bar and Ramen eatery with a focus on ramen and noodles.

I was meeting my Brum Radio producer Loren for a catchup, and wanted to see what the food and drink would be like. I’m more than happy to report that it was pretty lovely.

We were seated quickly and offered menus to consider. What I eat when I’ve been invited to a venue is usually different to my own choice. But I do try to consider what the #BrumHour audience might want me to report back on.

We had Pork and Ginger Gyoza to start which was followed by Chicken Kar-age and King Prawn Katsu.

I don’t normally eat seafood so trying King Prawns was a big deal for me. I was pretty happy with the texture and taste and I really enjoyed the Tonkotsu sauce it was served with.

Our mains came out swiftly and Loren chose Chilli Chicken Ramen while I chose the signature Tonkotsu Ramen on the suggestion of fellow blogger Vicky from Brumderland.

These are big bowls, and when you are chatting it takes quite some time to eat.

We had a couple of beers to go with our food, Loren had Sapporo and I had Hitachino. My beer was light, and James who took our order, suggested it to go with my Tonkotso Ramen.

We felt very full after and the food was very nice. I think it might work best as a lunch place at the weekend, and I’m sure it will be very busy. While you might feel the urge to try more than one course, having just ramen is pretty filling!

I’ve made no secret that I love burgers, and I’ll be trying the Chicken Kar-age Burger on my next visit to Tonkotsu!

Selfridges food hall at Bullring has provided me with many good food experiences over the years so this venue is a welcome addition.

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I was invited to try the menu plus drinks for two people at the kind request of Tonkotsu and have not been paid to write this post.