The Glenn Miller Story at New Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham

by Julie Wallis

See the Glenn Miller Story in Birmingham this week 

The Glenn Miller story is playing at Birmingham’s New Alexandra Theatre this week and if you only see one performance  this year I’d recommend  you make it this one.

This is the story of Glenn Miller meeting and marrying his wife Helen and forming his band before touring for the troops. The show has all his hits performed by a big band before his final plane journey on that fateful night in December 1944.


The Glenn Miller Story - credit Pamela Raith
The Glenn Miller Story – credit Pamela Raith

The stage icon that is Tommy Steele plays Glenn Miller and he is perfectly cast with his singing, dancing and acting pedigree. The big dance routines are reminiscent  of Gene Kelly and the choreography  by Bill Deamer could not be any better. Helen as played by Abigail Jay has the most beautiful singing voice and is the perfect partner to Mr. Steele.

Now I realise that the majority of millennial’s  will ask “who is Glenn Miller?” Followed by “who is Tommy Steele?” Google is your friend and will tell you better than I can in 1000 words but Glenn Miller wrote and arranged music during the 1920s through to his tragically early death in 1944. If you really don’t think you know him then listen to Moonlight Serenade, you will know that at least.

Hearing Moonlight Serenade played by the musicians at The New Alexandra really was something special. That big band sound has been perfectly replicated and I loved every tune, which included Chattanooga choo choo, It don’t mean a thing (if it ain’t got that swing), Zing went the strings of my heart and Pennsylvania 6-5000 as well as loving the dance routines.

The Glenn Miller Story - credit Pamela Raith (3)
The Glenn Miller Story – credit Pamela Raith


This stage show is real “old school” and if you’re unsure as to whether  it is right for you then may I suggest you offer to take your parents or grandparents, they will love it and you will get an education into what musical theatre really is about as well as scoring some points from your siblings.

For me the entire performance is one big hit, I loved every moment  and could not fault anything about the show. The story is simple, the tunes are massive and the dancing is flawless. Add a finale which included Don’t sit under the apple tree and Boogie-woogie bugle boy with Tommy Steele  encouraging one big sing along and you just can’t help but leave with a big happy grin.

Tommy Steele official
Tommy Steele official


Tommy Steele  has that elusive X factor, being a massive presence whilst on stage and is so much more than a great actor, yes I am a little bit in love with him but what’s not to love? Can you think of many or even any other actors who can play a 40 year old so convincingly whilst in their 80th year?  You really must check out the eternally youthful Mr. Steele,  he will send you away with a bit of his magic in your heart.

The Glenn Miller Story is at New Alexandra Theatre until Saturday 27th August. Tickets here:


Julie was invited on behalf of #BrumHour to see the Glenn Miller Story and this is her honest review.