Eastside Co: Helping to Grow Birmingham’s E-Commerce

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Birmingham’s E-Commerce: A Booming Success

As Birmingham continues to make its mark on the consumerist global stage, there are now hundreds of fantastic businesses, innovators and entrepreneurs building their empires here in the West Midlands.

As a result of this corporate growth, here at Eastside Co we’ve seen a huge increase in local businesses setting up e-commerce stores and we’ve been pretty inundated with enquiries from our fellow Brummies wanting help with setting sail on the sea of online business.

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Whilst we have knowledge that spans across and creeps into every corner of e-commerce, our primary purpose is upholding the title of being the UK’s leading Shopify experts. For those of you who aren’t in the know, Shopify is an e-commerce platform which hosts online stores. Users are able to pick from a variety of themes for their sites, bespoke features plus numerous additions and quirks to tailor the site to what their mind’s eye sees.

Amongst a series of other great qualities of Shopify as an e-commerce platform, their unique initiative to hold Meetup events in different cities across the world stands out. Local digital merchants can come along, listen to talks from industry experts and network. We identified the need for one of these in our beloved Birmingham and so set about organising the Midlands’ first ever Shopify Meetup!

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We were absolutely thrilled with the turn out on the night with around 100 online store owners travelling to the Custard Factory and into the food and drink stacked theatre bar – The Mockingbird. We were fortunate enough to have a representative from Shopify UK, Joel Bronkowski, who was able to dart around advising and chatting to our guests as well as give a talk on Shopify.

Equally as exciting however, was the talk from our very own Marketing Manager, Leon Deakin. Having been a key cog in launching Virgin Media and involved in numerous marketing innovations, he was able to give an exciting and interesting talk on the future of marketing which had the audience gripped from the first slide to the very last ‘Leon joke’ and had our guests grinning throughout. Similarly, Jez McGuire, a PPC expert gave us all the latest info on how best to rank on Google and get clicks through PPC.

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Since the event we’ve had some really awesome feedback (mostly about the free bar) and as a result have already started planning our next Shopify Meetup which will be about apps, start-ups and seasonal promotions.

Shopify Meetups are for all e-commerce business owners, not just those who own Shopify stores. If you’re interested in attending this event on October 20th please sign up for free here: meetup.com/Birmingham-Shopify-Meetup/

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