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Story Parties come to Birmingham

There’s no doubt that for most of us, one of our happiest parts of our childhood was the parties we had with our friends and all that fun and frolic. And now coming to Birmingham are parties beyond what we once knew – with visiting award winning storytellers, illustrators and artists (whose books you may very well have on your shelves) bringing a whirlwind of party activities at a venue of your choice.

Story Parties

Julia Suzuki, published, award winning children’s author has launched a new agency to help celebrate inspire, and entertain children at their parties using the themes of the world’s renown children’s books and movies. Story Parties was launched this month with the Midlands area being managed by Xenia Karayiannis.

Take delight as you watch your child engage in an enjoyable, imaginative and theatrical adventure whilst being entertained by top professionals. The hosts of the parties include popular children’s authors, illustrators, entertainers and artists.

With offices in the Midlands, London and Leeds, Story Parties can supply the very best storytelling entertainment to all cities and towns. Party hosts can be booked for young babies and tots, right up to 14 year olds. The booking team will work closely with you to ensure the right artist is booked for your child (and budget!)

Why not give your child the most magical, creative and unique party they”ll remember for a lifetime?

For further information contact xenia@storyparties.co.uk or call us on 0333 3220042 to book a party.

Twitter: twitter.com/PartiesMidlands

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