Birmingham: Swiftgigs at the Glee Club

by Julie Wallis

Swiftgigs at the Glee Club, Birmingham

Swiftcover insurers are sponsoring a series of free comedy gigs around the UK.  What a fabulous  idea!  The acts are all handpicked by comedian Chris Ramsey and make for a fantastic night out.
swiftgigs 2
The Birmingham  gig was at the best comedy club I know, that being the small but more than perfectly formed Glee club in the Arcadian.
For those of you that have not yet visited The Glee Club I highly recommend  you check out their website, with Rough works nights costing £4.00  anyone can afford to see comedy live as the bar charges reasonable  prices, so a great night out can be had for under a tenner if you are willing to take a ‘lucky dip’  as to what acts you see. Rough works are the newest works and as yet unpolished scripts of comedians.  I was lucky enough to catch Sarah Milligan and Jo Enright at the Glee club rough works in the past,  both very talented comics we know and love from the telly. The other awesome aspect  of The Glee club is it is small, not tiny but very intimate and that makes for a really personal  experience.  There’s nothing like being able to see the whites of the eyes when someone is trying to make you laugh.
swiftgigs 1
Glee club closes it’s doors promptly so be sure to arrive on time, paperless tickets mean you just show your e-ticket on your phone and head upstairs. The studio is small, but does boast a full bar. It is pretty dark inside, but nobody is looking at the decor, it’s all eyes on the stage. If you’re brave enough to sit front row you are literally  within touching distance of the acts.
The SwiftGig  I was lucky enough to attend  was hosted by Carl Hutchinson. Easy on the eye and with a easy manner he chatted to various audience  members and really got us in the mood for a lot of laughs. First up was Julian Deane  who had a great deadpan style of delivery, he seemed so serious at times I almost felt it was rude to laugh at him, but laugh we did.
Headline act was Jarlath Regan, again a very funny act and a charming man. Jarlath is doing his stand up at the Edinburgh  festival this summer and tickets for that are £5.00 so for anyone heading to Edinburgh  I recommend  you do try to see him.
Shy guest blogger Julie meets Jarlath Regan
 What is it about live stand up that makes me think “I need this person as a friend”? I think it’s because a good stand up routine never seems to be an act, it comes across as a conversation  with a friend and  even though you laugh with them you feel you are getting to know the comedians.
So if you like a laugh, and let’s face it who doesn’t? If you’d love a great night out, but you don’t want to break the bank get yourself over to the Glee club. Live comedy is so much better than watching it on TV. Or check out the Glee club website and you may see your favourite comedian is visiting some time in the future.

I have to say thank you to the Glee club for hosting another fabulous night of comedy. I really appreciated the whole experience at the Swiftcover Insurance Swiftgigs free comedy night, the popcorn and cider went down a treat. Although the evening was free I have not received any payment,  this review is  entirely my own thoughts and experience.