Fizz on Tap at Frizzenti, Birmingham’s Grand Central

Guest post by Steve Brown.

Fizz on tap

Frizzenti is a wine bar situated in Birmingham’s Grand Central. With its view over the balcony down to Birmingham New Street Station’s expanded concourse; it is a popular place with both commuters and shoppers to sit and people watch with a glass of fizz.

The really unique thing about Frizzenti is that the wine is served on tap meaning you always get a clean, fresh and consistent taste each time it is served and at the required temperature. Frizzenti is made from grapes grown in the Veneto region of Italy which is where the more well-known Prosecco is made. The advantage Frizzenti has over Prosecco is that it is a lighter body with slightly less bubbles making it a smoother drink. The bar offers a white and rose version of their sparkling wine as well as numerous flat wines in both red and white on tap.

On my recent visit, I was fortunate enough to receive a cocktail making class from the manager Lubo who taught me how to make a Mojito Fizz. It contained lime and mint as you would expect but the sugar syrup was an alcoholic one which is made from sugar cane as a by-product of rum production – something I will definitely be investing in for home!

Instead of rum, the Frizzenti version of the cocktail contains their signature sparkling white wine. Over the course of the afternoon, the other guests were instructed in the making of an Aperol Spritz, a Passion fruit Bellini, a Mango Bellini and a Kir Royale. I would recommend trying all of them as they were delicious. They also have a unique cocktail of the month so I will be visiting again next month to see what’s on offer.

The Frizzenti bar in Grand Central Birmingham is the first of its kind for the company who previously had mainly supplied hotels and restaurants with on tap wines to provide storage solutions and a reduction in empty glass bottles. More recently they have catered large events and are now planning on opening numerous branches across the UK following the success of their first branch in Birmingham.

A second branch is due to open in Cardiff very soon and look out for more elsewhere over the next few months.

#BrumHour sent Steve Brown this experience which he was asked to write 400 words about. We might ask him to go to something else and this is my way of telling him. This is not a sponsored post. Chin Chin!