Trying Brunch at the Cosy Club, Coventry

by G Brown

Brunch at the Cosy Club Coventry

The ground floor entrance provides a stairway, and a lift, to the main dining floor above. There is also an entrance from the indoor shopping centre at 1st floor level. As it was a pleasant day we decided to sit on the balcony overlooking Broadgate Square in Coventry, so we could enjoy the festivities taking place at Motofest.

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The venue was getting quite busy, with birthday lunches taking place, as well as some people just sitting having a cup of tea. There are many places to sit, depending on the outlook you prefer, and the sort of seating that suits you.

The Brunch menu offers an interesting variety to choose from, from savoury to sweet, with novel combinations of ingredients, and not just standard fayre. There is also the gluten free Brunch menu, and although slightly more limited, it still manages to deliver a good choice. Out-with the Brunch menu there are the usual choices of other dishes available.

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One of the party selected gluten free, and was pleasantly surprised at the taste, and texture, of the toasted roll adorned with ‘cosy eggs’ over delicious smoked salmon. Having been used to cardboard consistency in the past, this made a very pleasant change. The eggs were poached to perfection as demonstrated by the oozing of delicious yolk just as you cut into them, and the salmon was perfectly cut enabling enjoyment of the dish.

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The other guest enjoyed a generous topping of just nicely done crispy bacon, adorned on top of a pile of pancakes. The generous maple flavoured syrup had already been poured, but more was available if desired.

The view from the terrace over a bustling Broadgate is perfect for people watching on a pleasantly warm early summer brunch time. The spacious terrace was well designed, where you did not feel your neighbour was sitting on top of you, and this is an ideal place to enjoy cocktails and drinks.

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Service was sincere, pleasant, and casually attentive without being overbearing, just ideal when you want to chill and relax before the shopping expedition begins.

Although busy, it was not crowded, but this did not impact on the quality of our experience. This is obviously a popular location that has quickly established itself judging by how busy its popularity, and the bonus of not feeling rushed, or crowded just added nicely to the experience.

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G Brown and his friend were invited by Cosy Club to try review brunch for free. His thoughts are honestly held.