Friday evenings at Opus at Cornwall Street

by Dave Massey

Opus Fridays in Birmingham

Last month I was invited to try the new Friday evening menu at Opus at Cornwall Street, I’ve been to Opus’ other venues in Birmingham, Bar Opus and Cafe Opus and this seems like the grown up big brother venue.

The staff offered to take my jacket and gave me a ticket for claiming it back! I went and sat with the group of food bloggers who had already appeared. As with the other Opus venues, the team is pretty lovely and very polite.

I feel like I should take a moment to tell you that they have won sustainability awards or even link you to their seafood sustainability policy. But its all about the food and the ambiance really.

This is actually a rather big venue in the heart of the Birmingham business district. The main restaurant is at the front, with a relaxing bar area at to the left rear and private dining to the right rear.

The Bar

We were shown into the kitchen which was exactly as I expected, slick and organised. There is even a chefs table right in the heart of the action!

For £25 you pick two of the three courses which includes half a bottle of wine.

Starter: I chose the tomato soup instead of the goat’s cheese salad but luckily I was able to photograph them all. My soup was lovely! Of course it was.

I’m not a food critic. When I’m getting guest bloggers they aren’t being food critics for me, they are there to share about their experience.




Deciding on mains left me with a small issue. I’m either a terrible veggie or a really lazy meat eater. There’s even a hipster word for people like me: flexitarian! I mean really! The menu has a fish dish, a meat main or a veggie option.

Anyway. I like chicken and I like it with most things. The meat however on this menu was pork. So I went veggie AGAIN and chose the Beetroot risotto and it turns out I really like goats cheese! The risotto was very nice! I felt I had made the correct choice.


Considering they were serving us as a big table, the food came pretty swiftly and with no fussing. And included in the £25 menu was a half bottle of wine. Thanks Opus!

I didn’t have room for pudding but I did take a photo of a fellow bloggers Peanut and Caramel Delice. I think I gained calories by just smelling it!


In the week this is a venue where business deals are done over lunch or dinner. Its in the heart of the Birmingham business district. At the weekend it has the chance to be something different to the main areas of Birmingham.

It’s the chance for you to demonstrate to your friends and family what Birmingham has to offer, you are pretty safe in the knowledge that effort has been put in by this venue to look after you!

I was invited here by Opus via Clive Reeves PR. I was a little afraid of it being TOO posh when in fact its just really nice! I’ll be bringing my own friends and family here for dinner in the future. Provided they behave. Oh and this line is my disclaimer.