Erasure’s Andy Bell at Birmingham Pride

This weekend was Birmingham Pride’s 20th year and it was bigger than ever before. The lovely Xenia checked out Erasure’s Andy Bell on the main stage on Sunday night

by Xenia Kara for BrumHour

Andy Bell headlines Birmingham Pride’s Main Stage Sunday

It was the grand finale everyone had been waiting for.

As soon as the main stage presenter asked ‘Who’s a child of the 80s?’ there was a unified display of hands (including mine of course).

photo by Xenia Kara

Andy Bell, Erasure‘s front man burst on stage wearing an Elizabeth Taylor two piece and went on to sing classic hit after hit, including Victim Of Love, Ship Of Fools, Stop, Chains Of Love. He sounded on top form after all this time and even threw in a few original 80s dance moves.

photo by Xenia Kara

Earlier on at the VIP Meet & Greet, I’d been speaking to some fans that had waited all day especially to see him. It was without doubt, the longest queue of all the artists during Pride weekend, proving he was as popular as ever.

As soon as we heard the first few notes of the much awaited A Little Respect the crowd  just erupted…the defining song everyone had been waiting for.

photo by Xenia Kara

I felt a wave of nostalgia come over me as he reached the chorus. As a shower of rainbow confetti landed on everyone, I looked behind me and saw the elation on people’s faces and thought “this is what Pride is all about“. It definitely left me wanting more. A truly fantastic way to end Birmingham’s 20th Pride celebrations.

In the words of RuPaul, it was an extravaganza. Bring on 2017!

Xenia Kara and I both received free entry to Birmingham Pride. Huge thanks to the Birmingham Pride 20 team for looking after us!

Birmingham Pride turns 21 in 2017. Sat 27th and Sunday 28th May 2017. visit for more info throughout the year.

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