Yumzee in Birmingham: More than Just A Meal

by Rebecca from Yumzee

More than Just A Meal

There is a food revolution cooking up in the kitchen near you and it’s being served in Birmingham! Yumzee has launched!

Yumzee, a new way of social dining and connects people who love to cook, with those who love food, in great company and in a unique and authentic home experience. Think ‘AirBnB meets Come Dine With Me’!

After being a big trend in Paris social dining has finally come to Brum too!

Meal 2

Those of us who are passionate about cooking can become hosts and create a meal, be it a dinner party, Sunday brunch or cocktail tasting.

The host chooses the date, sets the number of places at the table, creates the menu, and sets the price for the meal. Those of us who love to eat can sign up to the meal, show up to the host’s home, meet new wonderful people and enjoy. Et voilà – you host or attend your very own supper club!

Yumzee is a fantastic new way to meet like minded people, and enjoy a new and authentic experience in one of the hosts’ comfortable home, bonding over one of the most basic yet enjoyable experiences in life; food. We have hosted many meals already where people started as strangers and left as friends!

Meal 3

One of the guests said: ‘’I can’t believe how nervous I was when I first rang the doorbell, compared to how sad I was when it was time to say goodbye. It was a really great bunch of people, and I really didn’t want the night to end. What a difference to my normal Friday night take away!‘’

Come get involved to take your passion to the next level or to meet likeminded people over great food! Join us for A Taste of Home (Indian), L’art de Vivre (French Fusion) or a traditional Sunday Dinner!

For more information on Yumzee;

Website: yumzee.co.uk Contact: Rebecca@yumzee.co.uk

Facebook: facebook.com/Yumzee-154140481612878

Twitter: twitter.com/EatYumzee

Instagram: instagram.com/yumzee_/

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