The Warehouse Cafe, now with added Vegan friendly beer and wine. 

Via Veggie Foodie!


The Warehouse Cafe has always had a special place in my heart. For many years not long after I first became Vegetarian (27 years ago) I used to frequent it often with veggie friends. The veggie burger was a huge favourite as was the potato wedges and desserts which were back then vegan friendly. There weren’t many places to go, in the city centre it was the one and only! Over the years it’s changed hands a few times but has always stayed similar and offered deliciosly good value vegetarian and vegan food. Now things have changed, but for the better.

Vegan friendly beers and wine are now more popular than ever. Look in the supermarket or good wine shop and you’ll see more available than ever before.

This summer marks three years since The Warehouse Cafereopened the doors to Birmingham’soriginal Vegetarian restaurant and cafe.

After a successful…

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