Bourneville Muscial Theatre Company: Jekyll and Hyde

by Dave Massey

Jekyll and Hyde – The Musical at Crescent Theatre

Last year I went to see Kiss Me, Kate which was an excellent production at the Crescent Theatre in Brindleyplace Birmingham by Bourneville Musical Theatre Company and this year they decided to tackle something more challenging Jekyll and Hyde – The Musical!

I didn’t even know there was a musical version of this classic story by Robert Louis Stephenson, but here it is!


The story is told from the point of Doctor Henry Jekyll, who is working on splitting personalities into good and evil, we have a man driven by science who becomes addicted to the drugs being sent to him and the concoctions he makes. Mr Hyde is the result of him taking these drugs. They change him soo much that he has a new name for himself.

Phil Snowe (Henry Jekyll) is great on this role as he plays with the torment of a split personality. His frustration as Doctor Jekyll and his anger as Mr Hyde great to watch both in the vocals and the spoken parts.


The ladies of Bourneville Musical Theatre Company always seem to have the biggest voices. Its shows that much thought goes into the roles for both men and women within this company with Chloe Tuner as Lucy Harris and Claire Brough as Miss Carew demonstrating their great voices!

This was a musical that made me think about subjects like mental health and how drink or drugs can transform you into someone you are not which is really brave of a local production to do.

Photo from production

As usual the stage is filled with a large support cast and the audience loved their energetic routines and songs. The sets look great too. A huge well done to everyone involved!

The Crescent Theatre is always lovely to visit and the staff there are mostly voluntary.

Its well worth seeing this production this weekend if you haven’t booked a ticket.

Jekyll and Hyde – The Musical runs until Saturday 22nd of April and there’s even a Matinee if you fancy something different on a Birmingham Saturday afternoon.

I was invited to see Jekyll and Hyde by the theatre company and have not been paid for this review.