The Ultimate Blogger’s Guide to Twitter Hashtags, Retweet Accounts and Chats

Great blogging info if you are a blogger! and useful to know if you are not. via

Suzie Speaks

imageI’ve been on Twitter for a while now, and I find that it is a great source of traffic for my posts. However, I am discovering that there is also an incredible community for bloggers available through the use of hashtags, retweet accounts and chats that cater for every niche.


Hashtags are labels that allow potential readers to find posts and content within a specific theme. On Twitter, there are endless hashtags that can be used, depending on the theme of your post, but there are a number of specific tags that I have found to be particularly useful, and use on a regular basis:

#bloggers – Bloggers
#bbloggers – Beauty Bloggers
#lbloggers – Lifestyle Bloggers
#fbloggers – Fashion Bloggers
#fblbloggers – Fashion Beauty Life Bloggers
#blackbloggersunited – Black Bloggers
#travelbloggers – Travel Bloggers
#Mbloggers – Mommy Bloggers
#pbloggers – Parent Bloggers
#foodbloggers – Food Bloggers
#pbloggers – Parent…

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